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In Summation of Yesterday's Election.....

incumbents win, gays break even..........oh, and Obama gets two more votes in Congress

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, November 04, 2009.

KBDI, Channel 12 Public TV here in Colorado, has launched a nonprofit investigative news operation. It’s hoping to raise an initial $400,000. Participants are heavily laden with vets from the Rocky Mt. News, which collapsed last year. One problem with it is that solicitations for donations might well hurt the mother ship, since it will be fishing in the same steadily diminishing pond as other public television and radio stations.

Still, it speaks to the issue of how we pay for actual news with even a gossamer of objectivity. God knows we could use far more than we have now, and best wishes to them.

There was an election yesterday, you may have heard, and it was business as usual here in Boulder with no real surprises. Incumbency has its benefits.

Across the nation, votes for gay marriage or not seem to have been very close, winning in Washington state and apparently losing in Maine. I understand the issue of it being fair for everybody or it’s fair for nobody, but it still irritates me that such a regressive and increasingly unworkable, stupid, and unrealistic institution as marriage - and the disgusting and hypocritical wedding industry that is its biggest supporter - is viewed as a progressive issue among idiots, both gay and straight.

After the huge sea changes of the last two years, the MSM is regressing to its old, idiotic ways. As the Dow Jones rises to the impressive 10k level, network news anchors are giving glib and totally baseless explanations for the stock markets meanderings. A five point rise or a 100 point fall are illuminated with one sentence that cannot have been based on polling or any research whatsoever, given the time constraints. But they need to pretend they understand it. Which makes their hysteria when the market collapsed so amusing. They had no real clues and despite decades of explanations for daily incidents, utterly missed, as hindsight shows, the inevitable free fall.

But the MSM can move only among the very few templates it has developed over the years, as the elections yesterday proved. Elections for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey are presented as an entrail reading for a President who works in the Federal government. The New York Times thinks the election of two Republican governors contains "some clues about how Americans are viewing Mr. Obama, as well as an early measure of the landscape for next year's midterm elections." Oh, don’t they wish. If true, it means they could cut back on field reporting and rely on the midnight ruminations of aging columnists farting at their desks. Perpetual social climber National Public Radio agrees, and claims "the off-year elections are being watched by national politicians as a referendum on President Obama and his party." Oh, please....

Listening to henna-haired globs of unrisen dough and wanna-be trophy wives on the cable shows this morning is like listening to their more caffeinated brethren on sports channels, trying to gauge the coming game between two teams who’ve switched players, coaches, cities and leagues since the their last encounter when they played under different team names now utilized by entirely different organizations in other sports entirely. A gold mine of relevant information there. In the Washington Post, Ruth Marcus, bless her heart, demolishes the idea that state elections – especially elections in those two states – mean squat about national trends or substitute for a vote of confidence in a sitting President.

While the Democrats fielded two damaged candidates for those offices, they managed to win two more Congressional seats with moderate to liberal candidates. In New York’s 23rd District, Republican for over a century, the Democrat won by 4% over a Reactionary accountant who had the support of the Limbaugh Right. The actual, competent, and utterly reasonable Republican candidate, dissed by the likes of Sarah Palin but supported by noted iguana Newt Gingrich, dropped out and supported the Democrat, Bill Owens. Even so she received 6000 votes from those who didn’t get the memo. This election was mandated when Obama chose the previous Republican office holder to become Secretary of the Army, and he accepted. The California 10th District stayed Democratic when that office holder became an assistant Secretary of State. Since the seats had been empty, the Democrats now have two more votes for a health reform bill, as both new Congressmen support the Democratic plan.

So while the MSM and the Republican National Committee bobblehead Michael Steele are concerned about two elections that have zero national import, Obama won two more votes for his legislation. Not that it’s important. Now, back to timely interviews with sobbing gay wedding planners in Bangor.