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Obama wobbles, Haiti totters, God and I agree

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 27, 2010.

Well, yet again done on a Tuesday, this time the 26th, because - well, just because.

Obama gives his State of the Union tonight, or gave it depending what station you're listening to. He does so under the horror - apparently, by the media's clenched thigh delivery - of having lost his 60 seat, filibuster proof majority in the Senate. This is because Ted Kennedy's seat went to a Republican, which nobody on earth thought possible since Massachusetts is the bluest of Blue States. Ergo, the reasoning seems to be, the Democrats of the Bay State are voting Republican from now on, and Obama's health care initiative and indeed, his entire administration, are now enclosed by a draw string Hefty bag and waiting for history's garbage truck.

It's often difficult to flense distinction between the cynical venality of the GOP and the cowardice of the Democrats, since both are layered under by historical ignorance. Massachusetts had a black Republican Senator, Edward Brooke, during the Kennedy years, and for much the same reason: all seniority with the seat was gone and - being pork focussed and selfish - the state of my birth went for the candidate who most needed to bring home the bacon. Although the new Senator, partially because he's vain and not bright, and partially because so is our media, said in answer to the query wondering if his election was all about Obama and health care: 'oh, it's much bigger than that.'

No, it's much pettier than that.

But the media is in heaven. It can re-run photos of the new Senator's nude shots for a woman's magazine and then segue to his daughter's musical career on American Idol, and then cut to a furrowed brow round table of deeply closeted GOP functionaries and swooning Democratic women discussing 'what it means.'

The 60 Votes was another straw man of the media since the Democrats' last unanimous vote was for a non binding resolution involving national gratitude for Will Rogers. It existed, notionally, only on paper and only then because 60 are the needed number to prevent filibuster. Fifty-one are needed for a law to pass.

Nonetheless, the Democrats butchered their chances of getting a strong health bill passed because of its traditional problems of demographic extortions. The supposed progressive wing, now claimed as the sole property of the liberal bloggers, is more interested in being declared and honored as important by public and main stream media, than getting legislation done. At the moment, they are the guilty party and not the GOP. It was attainable, but the Democrats put it all at risk.

It would take a real abortion of logic and humanity to edge this to the side, but Pat Robertson has done it. He says Haiti made a pact with the Devil to get independence from France back in the day, and the earthquake is just the Devil's due.

These revolting Christians - Robertson and Fred Phelps and all - who get away with these charges live in a glass house and yet we leave the rocks lying. It is, after all, just as possible God visits pain and suffering because we tolerate their like among us, not Voodoo priests or gays. I'd like to be the first to blame the pain of this winter's weather on them, because their sadistic and hypocritical remarks greatly offend the Divinity. He told me so at lunch last Monday.

See, God loves atheists, too. And he tips well and sometimes picks up the tab.