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Boulder: Nutjobs and Evil in Balance

where else, I ask you?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 05, 2010.

Boulder has an undeserved reputation as an elitist enclave of liberal nutjobs, based almost entirely on the restrictions placed upon land development. Still, it has managed to create a community that is very attractive to those who damn it, and they want to live here, often because of those very restrictions that have kept the city beautiful. For every ridiculous Peace and Justice Center type, there is a Soldier of Fortune Magazine; for every Bob Greenlee a Mark Udall.

And for every meditative soul meditating to magically stop the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, as there is on the front page of our newspaper, there is, well, Michael Brown. "Brownie", as the last President Bush called him. The man who left his Arabian horse concerns to take over FEMA, and go on to lead the most wasteful, idiotic, cruel, and incompetent supposed rescue of New Orleans and other areas during Hurricane Katrina. My favorite are the huge trucks of ice racing around the nation, never used, never explained, never justified. It illustrates all the problems without dealing with the racism, the dead bodies, the horror we inflicted upon a major city of our own.

Michael Brown moved to Boulder last year.

Mr. Brown has shed his carapace of remaining sanity and is posing as an authority on the Obama administration's handling of the British Petroleum disaster and resultant catastrophic oil leak which threatens much of the ecological viability of the Gulf of Mexico if not plugged soon. Utilizing fourth grade equivalency debating skills, Brown - with a powerful assist from Fox News - is trying to call the oil link Obama's Katrina. Further, this tag team of cynical and moronic endeavor is stopping just short of claiming the leak itself was sabotage, possibly by radical ecological hippies, and this so that the recent limited permission to drill for oil off our coasts would be rescinded, because - don't you know - Obama's Muslim religion demands obedience to un-Christian gods of nature in order to make us communists and fascists and threaten our Freedom Fries. I think. Something, anyway. It's hard to flense out the logic line.

Quite frankly, Sarah Palin, a genuine idiot, has emerged as the most coherent and logical spokesman for the Tea Party and all conservatives like Brown who can't just admit they're racial bigots and want plausible issue coverage for working against Obama. Her substitution of Drill, Baby, Drill!, morphed into a generalized mocking of Obama, and she starts her speeches asking her bitter peers if all that hopin' and changin' is working out for them.

She's been silent of late, because conservatives don't know which way to pander. The Gulf coast of the United States is looking upon the devastation of its income and future in the very near term. What infuriates conservatives is that it is their credo of profit over all, in the hands of private industry which does everything better than government, was revealed yet again as often criminally inept and utterly dependent upon that government. All the screams of rage from the conservative South sounds a lot like Plug, Masta, Plug because all that drillin' and spillin' is hurting our conservative mythology and reality both.

But Michael Brown offers a rhetorical lifeline, saying that Obama delayed repairing the deep water leak and so he's just like Bush and himself. Even Chris Matthews thought that insane, given the physical impossibility of that and, second, the lack of any motive. Only the conspiracy nuts who still claim that an airliner, mere feet and milliseconds from crashing into the World Trade Center, fired a missile at it to prove the complicity of entities they didn't like are more palpably insane.

The current disaster has three main failures for which punishment is required. First, the explosion itself, which is either the failure of equipment or personnel, eleven of whom apparently were vaporized in the inferno which melted the floating pump station and sank it. Second, the lack of a reality based design or ability to easily stem the flow of oil at any point down to the seabed. An addendum to this might be the lies and/or major incompetencies of British Petroleum, who only under pressure and NASA photos had to admit their estimations of the spill were off by a factor of five, and that may still be too small.

Third, the US government, both Democrats but mostly Republican for the last half century, failed to keep the oil industry under control as with so many other big businesses. Just as Wall St. ought to be held to the standards of treason for threatening national solvency, so should any business that, for profit, in effect launches a seaborne invasion of our coastline because there were more important things to them than risking the death of the entire Gulf of Mexico.