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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, June 09, 2010.

Fun week. After the fiasco that was the Mavi Marmara incident where Israeli military incompetence made a debut and the Palestinian tar baby for Muslims continued its record breaking run of stupidity, Helen Thomas, former head of the White House Press Corps, had a camera shoved in her face by a pro-Israel blogger. Under some pressure, she said she wished Israel would go away. It was a stupid thing to say, may indicate anti-Semitism, but the woman is an 89 year old descendant of Lebanese immigrants and deserved better, given her record and her age and the fact not a few young American Jews might wish the same. There's a reason there's mandatory retirement ages, you know, and Thomas lost her job.

It's like the prancing morons salivating for a new scandal involving Bill Clinton, going orgasmic when he smiles towards anything female. The guy has had a quadruple bypass of his heart - which involves some pain, reflection, and restraint - but they cannot forgive his constructive role subsidiary to wife and Obama. He was scripted for easy written scandal, and as such has failed. Further, Clinton is not beloved today by the so-called progressive wing of the Democrats because he campaigned for 12 year Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who was supposed to be yet another incumbent dumped by the mighty power of progressive blogs. You know, the ones who gave us the immortal Ned Lamont? Well, Lincoln won despite union antagonism and union millions, and will likely win against the Tea Party Republican, Junior Boozeman, in the main election, which helps Democrats. It's Arkansas, for god's sake. A Boulder, Marin County liberal Democrat won't win in Arkansas. Idiots.

In South Carolina, the Treason State's four way Republican run-off for the party's Gubernatorial nomination gave the plurality to Nikki Haley, a sharp cookie of Indian descent who was accused by two white fellow Republicans of being an adulteress, with proof to come, we're told. This somewhat sordid state of affairs, so far unproven, didn't bother Treason State Senator Jake Knotts. That morbidly obese deep thinker was more concerned that Halley is, in his words, a raghead, just like the one in Washington. Of course, he was kidding……

But, Haley may not survive the run-off election this month. The sophisticated world waits with baited breath to see if Haley and her good if rather dumpy husband will survive or take the traditional Walk Along The Appalachian Trail the former Governor did. Sarah Palin anointed Haley, so if the purported infidelity scandal has legs, South Carolina will undergo some Christian angst and carry that disease into the national party. Like most Christians and all Republicans, it's only a scandal when it happens to other people or Democrats. The corrupt Governor of Nevada, a Republican, lost big time and the federal judge who defeated him will face Rory Reid, son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Harry all of a sudden isn't as vulnerable as early polling suggested and may well win again in the fall. More amusing is that "HI! I'm Very White and Blond Sue Lowden!" lost badly despite the support of the head of Colorado's Republican Party, Dick Wadhams. This guy, who once won a few elections, has been the kiss of death for years for the GOP, and his approval of Lowden's suggestion we return to the barter method for medical care did not resonate with even the most remote rural voters. Even in Nevada.

In California, always good for a laugh, liberal Senator Barbara Boxer will face famed Big Business Fail Carley Fiorina, the CEO who drove Hewlett-Packard into the ground a decade back, but managed to get a definitive Golden Parachute out of the deal. That will be an interesting spin challenge for the GOP, but at least she has big bucks. A far more competent GOP candidate, Meg Whitman, won the nomination for Governor, but she'll be going up against former Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown. Whitman made her money on Ebay, so this could be fun. In any case, California is broke and will be for decades and the blame is equal between reactionary incompetent anti-tax warriors and selfish incompetent labor unions plus everyone else trying to bleed the state. Good luck with that.

What is amusing is that the pre-ordained templates seem not to represent the reality. Some of the incumbents turned out of power, like Arlen Spector, had other problems. Spector was very old, ill, and had changed parties. Scott Brown's win of the Kennedy seat from Massachusetts has proven as problematical for the GOP as for the Democrats, with whom he often votes. More ominous, both Brown and Obama seem to be finding common ground on several issues.

The Tea Party and the Progressives were hoped by the media, mainstream and digital, to provide easy interviews and sound bytes to preclude need for analysis that the media is no longer capable of doing. Just like the predictions for the primaries yesterday, epic fail again.