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Our Moronic Progressives are the Main Impediment to Progress

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 04, 2010.

In the Boulder Daily Camera today there was the predictable boilerplate letter extolling the virtues of a Green Party candidate for the Senate seat currently held by Michael Bennet. This purported Cid of the Verdant Left was against our supposed imperialism and for single payer health coverage and these were all, in the opinion of the author, reasons to vote for him. I thought them reasons not to vote for him, but I was already in a foul mood because of something else I'd read earlier, and the extolling of the Green Party candidate ignited it.

On the Charlie Rose show, financier Wilbur Ross was talking about the United States' status in the world of economic realities. He said, with evidence, that "Within five to ten years [the U.S.] could be a second-rate power." Anyone my age has heard that sort of fear mongering before, but because the world is changing so fast that even dictionaries cannot keep up with an exploding vocabulary, his whines rang true, and his points were simple.

We have neither an industrial policy nor a comprehensible energy policy. We have nothing resembling an efficient transportation policy, and what we have still favors highways over more efficient types of rail. This was, Ross admitted, not hindered by the mind sets risen to power under G.W. Bush. But the biggest failure was in the lack of support and investment in research and development. Same old hysteria? No. The United States now ranks 12th in the number of college graduates where we once and recently were number one. And soon, he says, 90 percent of all engineers will be working in Asia. Think about that. 90%.

Now, we know that handing out diplomas doesn't necessarily mean anything, and what some people call an engineer we might call an intern, or maybe a graduate student, and the current administration is aware and addressing these issues. And it's easy, especially this week, to blame it all on the increasingly idiotic Republicans. Foremost amongst their supporters are those Christians who fear stem cell research with all the brilliant rancid mindedness of the feudal Church against Galileo, yet somehow support things like Viagra and items of interest to old white men and trophy wives who, rather than adopt, spend millions to artificially conceive surplus children in apparent defiance of nature and God's will, which elsewhere they demand be enforced.

Because the opposition to Obama is primarily racial - with emphasis on the sexual fears and myths rampant among frightened, ignorant, and inferior whites - Sarah Palin, who didn't have the brains for a national campaign nor the stomach to serve out even one term of Alaskan Governor, was recently able to question Obama's cajones for the office he holds with remarkably little penalty. She has survived that grotesque hypocrisy because the American Left is just as obstructionist, despite laughably being called Progressives, and has said much the same thing, also recently. Some don't want Obama and the bourgeoisie Democrats to succeed because incremental success leeches enthusiasm for their supposed Revolution, although it's obvious they fear answering the people for their proposed governance. It is the stupidity and incompetence of the American Left which is far more dangerous to progressive advance than bat guano insane right wingers, who inspire equally stupid opposition.

It's the Republicans who are fearfully aware the Obama administration has passed more constructive and important legislation than any in memory, and that with hardly any input from themselves. It's our so-called progressives who are despondent, and not celebrating the rather incredible string of Obama successes because, as that supporter of the Green Party indicated, Obama didn't win a complete legislative victory and get everything Progressives desired. The offered solution is to advocate a support for a remarkably unqualified Senate candidate, dividing the liberal vote, and risk all recent progress by losing a liberal vote in the Senate.

All or nothing. With us or against us. Sound familiar?

As much as the Left doesn't want to admit it, the United States' survival as the reigning superpower is far more important to their goals than they can admit. Visions of forcing the US to suddenly commit to social upheaval by changing our admittedly wasteful way of life may give thrills to some, but we are not operating in the world of political magic but in the world of political Newtonian physics, where actions precipitate equal reactions. The not too difficult observation is that momentum and steady progress are to be supported and built upon, and not risked foolishly.

But we're to risk getting Ken Buck or Jane Norton as Senator rather than endure the postulated horror of moderately liberal and extremely competent Michael Bennet getting re-elected: that's the brilliance of our Colorado Progressives.