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A Blue November? Maybe.

It ain't looking so bad for the Democrats

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.

Well, the damned primaries are over. The Democrats seemed to have two competent candidates for Senator, either of which would be okay. The fanaticism of Andrew Romanoff against incumbent Michael Bennet may serve the same function that Hillary Clinton's run did to Obama: make Bennet a better candidate than he was before. If so, great, but it cost Romanoff a further career in politics commensurate with his gifts, which are considerable. For one thing, this was Bennet's first ever campaign, and he raised a ton of money and beat the professional politico Romanoff by eight points. Second, and far more important, Romanoff lied in his ad spots about Bennet. All media denounced those ads. That won't go away, and the bad feelings will linger.

Third, Romanoff kept saying Bennet, who'd never run for anything previous, was the establishment whereas he, Romanoff, was the political outsider. And he seemed to be saying that being beholden to golden truths was more important than constructive compromise, which two words are the definition of politics.

But from the viewpoint of the GOP, the issues of the Democrats are a wet dream compared to the horror festering before Republicans this morning.

First, the GOP establishment chose poorly in making Jane Norton their candidate for Senate, given she has lost to Tea Party candidate Ken Buck, something of a yahoo but an actual personality. Norton started out with all the money in the world, and complete support of the national party, but flailed in the media and lost to a man who is on tape calling his base, the Tea Party, a bunch of dumbasses. We might see that tape a few times before November. Norton questioned Buck's masculinity and called in John McCain, a man she previously ignored and mocked, to campaign for her. Buck responded by saying at least he wasn't a girl.

Buck is the right wing version of Romanoff. A guy posturing as the very embodiment of his party's supposed virtues declaiming that he'll fight for them in the Senate, although the personal characteristics praised suggest no compromise, no cooperation, and mere posture. Better to be defeated and irrelevant than constructive and sought out, apparently.

But the Senate primary was heaven compared to the septic spill that is the contest for the Governor's mansion. The once well regarded Congressman Scott McInnis lost to someone named Dan Maes. Maes, a Tea Party poster child, postured as a successful businessman knowledgeable enough to build commerce in the state, but his tax returns and his demented snippets of idiocy on the campaign trail show him to have been a business failure, with his biggest recent income tens of thousands of dollars from his campaign reimbursing himself for gas money. Even with today's gas prices and supposing he used a Hummer frozen in second gear, that doesn't wash. But that isn't his low point. No, he saved that for last weekend when he suggested that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's innocent bicycle share program was a United Nations' plot to socialize the United States. Hickenlooper, the uncontested Democratic nominee, should win in November.

That theory is not diminished by former Repub Tom Tancredo, a xenophobic attention-starved malcontent, who is running in a third party to lend tone and elevate the debate and to make sure that what support Maes has is split with himself. Tancredo blatantly tried to blackmail his party, and is correct that neither McInnis, whose plagiarism thuggery is well known, nor Maes could win, but why he thinks he can is a mystery. So thrilled is the national GOP, they've withheld money from both contests, which of course hurts their slate down the line, and there is talk of the GOP forcing Maes out and substituting…….Jane Norton for the Governor's race. That'll look good. Oh, wait. Better. Today it might be the guy who's the head of ReMax. So much for the will of their voters.

The GOP disaster here in Colorado will deform things for years. It will soon result in a top to bottom clearing out of the brain trust that created it, starting with Dick Wadhams, the state chair, then Josh Penry, who managed the fiasco that was Norton's campaign, and ending with the burnt political corpse of Scott McInnis, who might not have survived even if he were strong enough to defeat the fearful Dan Maes, which he was not.

Colorado may go from red state to blue without ever having known purple, and you don't need to be an Einstein to figure that out. Although you need to be a Republican to think the relativity Theory is a liberal conspiracy, as a Tea Bagger claims. Best for them to relax and read about Newt Gingrich in Esquire.