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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 20, 2010.

So, I've been saying for a while that I don't think November is going to be as bad for Democrats as folks originally claimed, and recent polling supports my brilliance, although anything can happen and remarkably close races against all expectation are hardly warming if you still lose. Nonetheless, the race for Governor and US Senate seem to be trending towards a Blue result at the moment, primarily because of Ken Buck's political incompetence in the Senate race and because of state GOP chair Dick Wadhams incompetence in all races, and because of this it's possible that the GOP might lose all major races in Colorado. Given the Hispanic vote and increasingly Democratic districts it would not be entirely a surprise. Especially when you realize that women are less impressed with the Tea Party types than men.

Whatever his qualities, Buck was not prepared for remarks he willing made about gay rights and homosexuality itself on Meet The Press this past Sunday, and his choice of words from past rape cases when a District Attorney, recently revealed, leaves much to be desired, and in aggregate this has dropped his lead to statistical tie and heading south. Democrat Betsy Markey in Marilyn Musgrave country is tied in a highly Republican district with Corey Gardner, but she got a recent boost when her opponents confused her with a liberal Congressman with the same last name from Massachusetts in an expensive ad. Actual candidate competence - and that of a basic sort - has become an issue for the GOP, at least in Colorado, where even Republicans are calling their slate a Gaffapalooza. Their official Senate candidate, Don Maes, has no money and his biggest campaign expense thus far is reimbursing members of his own family, not always justified by paperwork, for expenses far in the past. Well. Second biggest. The first is advertising, of which there has been little. Conservative money goes to the American Conservative Party candidate, Tom Tancredo.

Maes' early pronouncements that said he'd cut 2000 state jobs 'just like that' and save the state $220 million apparently was to include the job of Governor. If Maes does not get 10% of the vote, the Republicans may cease to be considered a major party in Colorado by law. Imagine raising millions for candidates soon revealed to be thuggish plagiarists, incompetent fools, demented racists, and in aggregate so incompetent your party is now as one with the Aryan Foot Fetish and Supremacy Party. It could, and likely will, happen. How do you explain that to the National Party? But then, what about the Delaware GOP having to explain Christine McDonough?

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are holding rallies on the Washington Mall the weekend before the election, and whether you attend The March to Keep Fear Alive on the way to The Rally to Restore Sanity on October 30, you can pretty much be assured it will be a good time. People, though, are confused how to predict the attendance for the event. Some are suggesting it's a mistake that could hurt Democrats if it's a low turnout or badly enthused affair, which would be a reasonable deduction. Absent some disaster, I don't think so, though.

The problem is the Lamestream media doesn't know how to cover a happening which is an actual performance art event pretending to be a sincere and real political rally which, in actuality, it may be beneath the surface, as intended. Or something. Irony is not America's comfort zone. If it is in any way comparable to Tea Party turnout, it will be very good for the Democrats. Stewart and Colbert are connected to the huge and confusing passel of young voters who are not, by and large, devoted to either political party. Lots of young, thin, educated, and happy folks having a good time in bulk is a real plus because it lends itself to the lazy templates the media uses all the time not requiring research.

There's unlikely to be any morbidly obese male Chickenhawks making fun of vets in wheelchairs, or lots of racist posters, or stuffed animals making fun of our first non-Caucasian President or his wife and kids, or neo-Nazis, or the seemingly limitless morbidly obese middle-aged white women, the sight of which is the only approved treatment for those on Viagra entering that risky fourth hour, which have been the substance of the Tea Party.