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Knowing What's Important.....and what most assuredly is not

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

The nation is heading into institutional gridlock on budget and off budget issues, and most at risk is American education. American school children cannot spell "American schoolchildren," much less replace the once formidable phalanxes of physics and biology and other science students that, after World War II, cemented our leadership in the world, both economically and militarily. Now, we're apparently ready to sacrifice all of that because knowledgeable people make the majority of our population feel uncomfortable and stupid and unhealthy. They're elite, and so evil, probably socialist, and unpatriotic.

It's unpatriotic to make fun of idiots who believe that if their own poorly educated mind cannot understand something, that alone is proof of an unseen God. We're becoming a nation of morons, deservedly losing out to a fear monger's image of China for supremacy.

Here in Colorado, state government has reduced public funding for higher education to the level that you hardly need a bathtub to drown what remains. You could smother it in a hefty hawk of spit and phlegm. Can we have a strong military when such is dependent upon the electronic wizardry developed largely by foreign students at our own universities and manufactured overseas so the American stockholders get slightly better dividends with tax breaks and the American middle class devolves into a mob? Can we have no conversation at all when the population cannot sustain an informed or even an ignorant conversation because the ability to organize thought is dependent upon the ability to organize sentence structure and linear progression for a sustained period, often as long as sixty seconds. Talking is only the addition of a motor skill to thought, after all. After listening to the last election cycle of political ads and reading message boards, how we doin'?

And at such time, does the President - and do the Regents - of the University of Colorado throw aside their partisanships and their personal political agendas to focus energy and money and public attention on these great issues upon which both conservative and liberal values depend? Indeed, with little hyperbole, upon which Western Civilization depends as it did, once, in the Muslim world?

No. The President and Regents of the University of Colorado are today concerned with the position of football coach to replace Dan Hawkins, who was fired Tuesday night.

Hawkins arrived after Gary Barnett was fired for being or at least tolerating illegal and moronic recruiting activity and necessitating a police intermediary to the team so the players could be treated different than mere citizens and, well, because he started losing a lot. Hawkins' teams never won much at all, and he was nepotistic by installing his son a quarterback, and he just didn't vibrate with the virility that favored alumni and financial backers' need to excuse - at least to themselves - the desire to hang around the locker rooms of young men and/or the young women they attract. That's always so healthy, isn't it?

The boneheads and functional illiterates whose self image is dependent upon a winning team of a college most never attended - and this in a sport most never could play - are not embarrassed by their current battle cry of "Return to Greatness." CU is not Notre Dame or Ohio State or Southern Cal with a fabled football past. It's Colorado. Year in, year out since the beginning, we haven't been that great as a football team, especially considering the college size. CU has won a single national championship in 129 years, and that shared with another school, and CU only got that far by an illegal 5th down, and that team and others under coach Bill McCartney were on, even with the deference granted football players, a first name basis with several police departments during those years.

McCartney once tried to get out of his contract to coach Michigan, but was forced back by Gordon Gee. Now in his 70's, CU's football remoras think this guy is the future as well as the distant past of the CU Buffaloes.

The transitions and contract buyouts cost CU millions upon millions over a football team, and like all colleges with such a team, honest and accurate accounting of its costs and deprivations forced on other activities is never provided. It somehow has come about that even a lousy football coach is generally the highest paid employee of a university with Nobel Prize winners within the faculty. Just like all the promises for financial accountability and transparency promised by the CU Foundation, the summer football camps, and the team itself since 2001, the patriarchy knows the public will forget and forsake a future in the End Times for the sake of a winning team today.