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Obama Is A Fail........wait, what just happened?

What? WHAT? Three huge bills in a week in a lame duck Congress, with Republican help? Aren't you listening? Obama's a failure...............

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

One of the reasons we can know the United States is different is because our people took its premise seriously, and were willing to give a pass to some awful behavior to see it eventually come to fruition. How else can we explain how African, Japanese, and Native Americans provided our military with some of its most decorated units when the military was actually segregated? How was it some of our most impressive warriors were treated better in Europe than they were back home by those for whom they risked all?

Today, we merely add another category to that list of puzzling patriots who had the innocence to think we actually meant what the Declaration of Independence said. In the first two years of Obama, two issues important to the gay community, service and marriage, look to be solved in the case of the former, and soon to be solved in the case of the latter, both by executive action and coincidence. That's not a bad civil rights record for two years.

But it's been a fun pre-Christmas, post election, lame duck Congress week, hasn't it? As the media tries desperately to fit the Obama presidency in some handy template so nothing new need be thought or considered, at this supposed bottom of his term in office, Obama passed more big bills.

Today, he signed the end of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, allowing those who are gay to serve openly in the military. Conservatives apparently imagine a surge of rainbow hot pants and plaid shirts will descend on the enlistment centers so that the famously predatory gays would get their hands on all that Christian man- and woman- hood on their fourth tour of the Middle East. I suspect there are fewer gays in the military than either gays or the hysterics on the right would contend, as there are fewer gays in the public than people contend, and that the majority aren't given to sharing their personal lives with anyone beyond their immediate and close friends. Although, there's Facebook. In short, I'd bet virtually nothing changes except some highly competent and needed brains and brawn will return to the ranks from which they were shouldered aside after being outed. Perhaps in the future, when we need them most, we won't lose hundreds of Arabic speaking scholars and intelligence officers because of their orientation. This week, it looks like Obama will get to sign a nuclear treaty that George Herbert Walker Bush wanted to sign in his last year in office twenty years back, but that got pushed aside because of Saddam's invasion and because Republicans often just have to pose as tougher than others when it comes to military matters. Their posture of being manly men is greatly attractive to those third rates among us who'd like to be viewed as such ourselves. It's the one thing that they consider the evergreen weapon against Democrats.

GOP bigwigs failed to keep eleven Republican Senators from joining with the Democrats to shut off a filibuster and get down to a vote, so Obama - supposedly a floundering failure of a president - will have even more huge victories at the very moment of his supposed maximum insignificance. In other words, nobody in the media, the web, the government, or the public seems to have been remotely on top of the situation. The administration was.

Actually, this is atop his other huge recent victory: the extension of the Bush tax cuts plus the extension of unemployment benefits and a host of add-ons that amount to a huge stimulus package peaking just before the presidential election of 2012. Many, including some flummoxed Republican analysts, are now saying Obama will be tough to beat in that election, when many of the same were predicting he might not even survive a host of primary contenders. What everyone vectored in on was an irritating but comparatively insignificant continued break to the uber wealthy. Would it be worth losing this bill because that was included as well?

In short, Obama's administration with Pelosi and Reid have, by focus on reality, accomplished a great deal. The Left and Right, by screaming about relative trivialities, seem not to have known what was going on. The GOP just got gobsmacked and their future Speaker cries a lot.

And that, to me, is a great Christmas present. The underrated President has accomplished what the opposition screamed they would not allow and his own party said couldn't be done.

Have a great holiday, stay warm, be good, do good.