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An Elitist Hypocrite?

The NRA at work, protecting 'merica from 'mericans......sumtin'.......

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

The National Rifle Association, the NRA, has been justifiably on the defensive of late, specifically since the Newtown slaughter in Connecticut in early December President Obama, right after winning re-election with relative ease and providing significant coat tails to the Democrats improving positions in House and Senate, was revealed to be what a significant segment of increasingly obese, unneeded, superficially religious, and embarrassingly racist Third Rate white male Americans are comforted to fear most: a competent, popular black president, far smarter than they or their own political preferences.

When Obama, a parent, gave a moving eulogy for the dead in Newtown, the NRA focused most on how Obama was using it to restrict gun ownership, violate the 2nd Amendment, and impose dictatorship on Americans like themselves, coincidentally a near entirely white voluntary militia of varying skill levels in fact if only a manufacturer's lobby group in law.

Since Newtown, there have been not a few more killings in schools and in places of business and maybe it's because there are more guns - Colorado and the nation in general saw a huge upsurge in applications for guns since Newtown - but I tend to think that the media and people are becoming more aware of how often these much smaller but far more numerous than imagined murders occur, and occur seemingly everywhere and all the time. Today, inevitably just as this is broadcast, the President will present his legislation for further restrictions on firearm ownership. A new poll just out shows that 60% of all Americans favor a nationwide ban on military-style, rapid-fire weapons and limits on violence depicted in video games, movies and TV shows, according to a new Associated Press poll.

As predicted, the NRA acts like a hysteric child. They say that because Obama's kids are protected by Secret Service, he's an elitist hypocrite because he doesn't want armed officers in the nation's schools protecting everyone else's children. They are, it seems, in favor of taxes to pay the officers. And, when no officers are available, to possibly provide NRA members with jobs as school protectors despite, in aggregate, dubious skills in combat.

As I mentioned last month, the NRA started as an organization devoted to improving the terrible marksmanship of our soldiers by improving the marksmanship of our civilians, and this was a worthy and valid concern. Through the years, as the military migrated from accurate to mass firepower, the NRA has become an advocate of just getting everyone guns and selling memberships. They make half-assed and hearted attempts to mandate minimal training for the weapons they want everyone to own.

Obama is expected to present a three-part plan dealing with gun violence, education, and mental health. He's also expected to make, says the AP, "more than a dozen executive orders aimed at circumventing congressional opposition to stricter gun control." It's also assumed that he'll promote "efforts to stop bullying and boost availability of mental health services." So far, so good as the polling shows.

There is and has been no effort for the banning of all weapons, even New York's new tough law this week did not go so far, but New York included a tougher assault-weapons ban and provisions to keep guns from mentally ill people who make threats.

It's expected Obama will propose universal background checks. Apparently, 40% of gun sales take place without any background checks whatever, at gun shows or by Internet. Also, he wants a federal statute to stop "straw man" gun purchases, and to dissolve trafficking rings. He favors a ban on assault weapons and wants ammo magazines limited to 10 rounds.

He wants training for teachers and principals and funding for more counselors to address anti-bullying programs. Obama requests more research on gun use and crimes, something Republicans have traditionally feared.

There is no call for armed guards in schools. And that's good, because there are far too few competent to engage in a firefight over the heads of children and no wish or ability to pay for it

If the NRA demonstrated preference for extensive training for people with concealed weapons and for the police we have, another shared goal might help. For example, Obama wants people prosecuted who lie on gun-sale background checks. Here, he has NRA support, because they've long said it makes sense existing laws be enforced before new ones are passed. Great. Doesn't it also make sense that existing gun owners be sane and skilled before their numbers increase?