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Trivia and a Loss

So much that should feel good does not today

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

Bibi Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister who thought he could play Obama and treat the UN to a crayon presentation, held an election that he thought would increase his power. Instead, he barely won, and now must find participants in a coalition government he probably cannot lead and which may not come to pass, so surprisingly unpopular is he even in his own nation. Karma, Bibi. Karma.

I've come to like Hillary Clinton, and it was enjoyable to see her as Secretary of State fight back against Republican Senatorial hacks in her hearing this week. Especially Senator Ron Johnson, a man who brags about his German and Norwegian ancestry - I'm guessing he's white? - and paper route as a child but doesn't mention he came from money or that he married money or that he is a chew toy of the Koch brothers and their Tea Party variant. Needless to say, he's a Chicken hawk. He went after Clinton for the murder of our Libyan ambassador and three others last year and tries to construct a scenario, which failed during the campaign, where Clinton and Obama let the four die out of incompetence or disinterest, either would do. He has no standing to accuse anyone of much, but a white woman working for a black man offends him, so he'll accuse either of anything he hopes might stick. The GOP has found nothing about Benghazi that supports their initial accusations or has found support outside the Ron Johnson's of the world.

At some point, they're going to have to admit Barrack Hussein Obama is probably our cleanest politician running a remarkably tight and honest ship of state. Given all the motivation to find bad stuff about the guy, the GOP has found nothing.

Here in Boulder the damned, two policemen who were involved in the illegal poaching of a trophy elk on New Year's Day by gunshot in densely packed neighborhood, and who tried to erase all their cell phone preparations, and who lied to their superiors and to the public and to everyone, have resigned from the department. This won't save them from a criminal prosecution to feature prison or jail time and community service. It bothers me that the two had chatted up the coming death of the elk to their peers and nobody tried to talk them out of it or were bullied down or just didn't care. That doesn't speak of a responsible bunch of police.

Everyone from City Council members to the usual paranoid pot smokers and anyone who has a beef with the police or hopes to profit from one has emerged to append their particular gripe on to this argument. Already, it's become about affordable housing so cops could live in Boulder more than they have, and the supposed war against the homeless and the supposed and probably imaginary complaints from the potheads, Vegans, pacifist Gorgons simpering about any unpleasantness, the college crowd, the University Hill social climbers, and everyone under the sun. It's really irritating, because all that impedimenta does is scramble a very clear-cut legal case and makes it easier for unrelated concerns to inadvertently provide a mistake that may allow the two former officers to walk. So, shape up people, and stick to the law and this criminal case and chat up the related issues later.

Atop all this, the good people of Nederland want, again, to use Barker Reservoir for boating, and because Boulder owns it, I'm happy to say City Council restrained their glee at the mere thought. I say again, because I used to work for the guy who reintroduced it about a decade back: it was a bad idea then and remains so. Barker Reservoir provides about a third of Boulder's water, so that alone elevates it to some importance down here. It's not widely known that the dam itself, however imposing, had to be bolted to the bedrock about twenty five years ago because it was lifting up. That a couple of thugs with back pack explosives could provide an interesting time at the Boulder Narrows before a wall of water hits the city itself is not entirely a ridiculous fear. And once there is prolonged public boating, scenarios will emerge that would allow things to happen a lot easier than now.

Drownings, sail boards with riders clearing the dam in high wind, pollution. Think it through.

But, I'm not totally focused, having just discovered my friend the emigrant to Australia Becca Wells(see January 20 entry) departed this life last October. I should be used to loss, but it's just something else I'm not good at, and I hurt. Bye, Bec. Miss you.