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The GOP Mine Canary Is Michelle Bachmannn

and it ain't looking good.......

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 29, 2013.

When Michelle Bachmannn's presidential campaign came under fire, I thought it likely to be some cheesy complaint by a former staff member moving to another campaign during the Iowa caucuses. Since nothing is less important or accurate than the Iowa caucuses, that seemed a rational verdict. But, last week the FBI inserted itself into the clutch of several investigations of what is now being referenced as misconduct by Bachmannn's campaign, and now by Bachmann herself.

Tuesday, Congresswoman Bachmannn announced she will not seek re-election, odd given she just started media promos. She is up against the man she barely defeated last election, who now leads her in the polls. So, that.

Bachmannn's campaign came under the gun of an ethics investigation two months back. This involved her chief of staff Andy Parrish among others, and the investigation is about secret payments to Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson, an aide to her campaign, and use of Bachmannn Political Action Committee funds to pay a campaign political director. Parrish says Bachmannn knew and approved of these illegalities. Given Parrish might be just covering his own butt, it was of import that her former national field coordinator also filed a complaint alleging Bachmannn's campaign laundered PAC money to pay Sorenson, and this also tickled the FBI's interest.

It's not just the FBI. The Federal Election Commission, the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee and the Urbandale Police Department are all on the case. Bachmannn says she is innocent, but the amount of smoke seems to suggest fire below.

Cruel people note that abandoning her campaign might reduce interest in the composite investigations, and perhaps she hopes it would go away. But no, she'd still be liable for punishment if she is found guilty, should this go to court.

Bachmann was the one who encouraged the media to do stories on people who were not 'for America' and expose their various treasons. She whined her way through the numerous debates for the Republican nomination, and seemed, at times, as if she was a creation of Parson Weems or maybe Hunter Thompson. Bachmann was always insinuating anti-Americanism to Obama and any liberal or mere opponent, mostly for religious reasons. At one point, she called for a huge media slam job. "What I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating exposé and take a look ... I wish they would ... I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out are they pro-America, or anti-America. I think people would love to see an exposé like that."

It is difficult to understand how this delusional woman ever got elected to a municipal office, much less Congress. She's a member of a religious cult not far afield from the one Sarah Palin inhabits, and her grasp of detail and concepts deeper than Rotary Club level patriotism can be described as tender. Perhaps non-existent. When she makes big decisions, it is of course after much prayer and God informs her of His support, as He did with Rick Perry and several other candidates for Chief Executive, all Republican. Her dismal showing, and everyone's except Mitt Romney's, is neither explained nor referenced as an indication of God's contempt. It's just ignored.

The Republican candidates for President last election were often referenced as the clown car, and not just by their opponents but by Republicans. When the GOP looks around today for electable candidates, they see Rubio and Cruz, a sane Latino and a near fascist Latino, and some hope one might be the Republican savior. Yet, polls show that the GOP's biggest bogeyman - a woman named Hillary - scores much higher among Latinos than GOP Latino candidates with rancid records on immigration reform, and higher than any Republican. The bench of electable candidates for Republicans nationally is almost nonexistent.

That's true here in Colorado, where the announced candidates for Governor are Secretary of State Scott Gessler and.... Tom Tancredo. Gessler's big cause is Voter Fraud, an issue too easy to pop. Worse, he has Bachmann-like issues as well, involving the repayment of improperly spent funds from his discretionary account from the launch of his past gubernatorial campaign. And what can one say about Tancredo beyond unelectable?

When the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Tom Tancredo have been your recent political hope, time to listen to Bob Dole and chill for a year and get together a party capable of election and governance.