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When the Public AND The Chamber of Commerce AND John McCain All Hate You

heartbreaking the Tea Party

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 02, 2013.

So, we're in it now. The federal government has closed anything dependent upon discretionary spending, which does not include the Affordable Care Act, called Obamacare, and it has the Debt Ceiling vote approaching, during which the government allows itself to increase the debt to pay for what they've already spent. Raising the debt ceiling does not increase taxes and lowering it would not decrease them, but the bid to keep people ignorant has paid dividends for the Republican party. At least, within the GOP.

The basis for action, here, is the Republican belief that Obamacare is totally unpopular and if they keep chipping at it, can eventually get a victory, which to them just means hurting Obama. That it hurts the country and their own doesn't seem to enter their minds. Today, Big Business delivered a series of pivot kicks to the posturing GOP in the House of Representatives.

Appalled, as we all should be, over yet another GOP government shutdown due to ego and loss of status, Big Business has sided with Obama, a Democratic president whose health care and regulatory agenda they have traditionally been against. This was made easier for them by the fact that the Tea Party, here generically used to describe the far right, is immensely unpopular with the electorate, even more than the GOP and government in general and way behind Obama, who is, as ever, well liked as a person and increasingly in high regard as President. GOP Senator Ted Cruz, the Hispanic version of the Texan blowhard and main GOP firebrand of late, does not have the same backing, even in his own party, even in his own state. He also has the Mel Gibson penalty of having an attention starved bigot of a father, whose recent speeches have left not a few, in turn, speechless.

Not at all strangely, this government shutdown coincided with the October 1 opening of health insurance exchanges where people could sign up for insurance programs that met their needs. Not surprisingly, they were jammed on the very first day, and it hasn't lessened since. That is, of course, something that should not happen, but in general the assumption has not been that they're being swamped with those trying to collapse the system as indicative of its value, but rather by people wanting health insurance. Even John McCain went out of his way to point out that the people had spoken on the issue in the last election. The GOP IS making an ass out of itself pretending the public doesn't like Obamacare due to the same pollsters who led Romney astray.

Well, wait. It now seems the public doesn't like Obamacare, but likes the Affordable Care Act, which is exactly the same thing. Polls show this again and again. The GOP thinks the public will come around to their side, but turns out - again - the public is swinging the other way.

As the Dow Jones hovers around 15k and recently was well over 15.5k, the economy has picked up every month for quite a while, and the huge construction surge that gets bigger every week due to flood and weather and demand suggest the economy is not a solid Republican issue anymore. To say no more.

The US Chamber of Commerce, which is near always wrong in predicting political events but quite accurate when it reveals necropsy results on the various vermin brought under analysis, was quite scathing in a recent letter to the GOP. It especially called into question those playing fast and loose with the full faith and credit of the United States and putting it at risk. Of course, that was true when all these things were announced, but now that it's out in the open and failed, the less than courageous Chamber faces into the wind and calls down the wrath of capitalism's demons upon those undermining the nation's wealth, status, and position of importance.

This, because the value of the dollar is totally dependent upon the world having faith in our credit. After World War 2, the pound sterling lost that faith, and the dollar became the currency of international exchange. England has never recovered. We risk the same, only unlike England, it isn't due to us standing up and honoring commitments abroad but failing to honor them at home just for petty political points. The Chinese call it the mandate of heaven, and the west calls it holding all the right cards, and we've had both, but the Tea Party only sees a black man in the white house and that the formally assured social rank of third rate white men has blown away.

That's their sole concern, and here we are.