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This Is How Swirling Down the Drain Begins

Americans are ignorant, stupid, and fat

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 09, 2013.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development just released a poll that embarrasses Americans. The group evaluated the skills of adults in 24 nations to provide info on the competence of the work force in each country. They tested "... literacy, numeracy and problem solving in the context of technology-rich environments." Americans, it turns out, do poorly.

Americans are "...decidedly weaker in numeracy and problem-solving skills than in literacy, and average U.S. scores for all three are below the international average and far behind the scores of top performers like Japan or Finland,” said the U.S. Department of Education.

We trail twelve nations in literacy, eighteen in math, and - at problem-solving in a technology-rich environment - our adults were beaten by fourteen countries.

Among our most educated with post grad degrees, we were above average in literacy but suck at math. White Americans scored higher than black or Hispanics, a direct reflection of our elementary and high school failures in the past and present. What this means is businesses needing smarter workers will go elsewhere.

It also means that we're producing independent truckers of the sort who are planning to demonstrate in Washington against Obama, John McCain, and others who are ruining America because of Obamacare. They plan on slowing down traffic in the nation's capital this weekend. Killer plan.

I've contended that the centuries of relative prosperity for Third Class white men in this nation are coming to a halt. At one time they could count on some job of value through the networks available to those in power, like Unions or the Post Office or their own social networks. There were always people they could feel socially superior to, which is an ugly but necessary aspect of all societies.

But these days, primarily because they work for less but also have better education and better on the job reputations, over half our work force is female. Of the remaining jobs, people from other races, religions, orientations, and heritage are claiming their own part of the pie, and white men uneducated but aflame with a sense of status entitlement are furious. I say again: this is the Republican Party, and more valid the further right you go. It is the one thing that unites the social, religious, economic, and nutjob Republicans, who otherwise have little in common by social strata or goals.

As a result we have an ignorant male population too fat to serve in the military and too dumb to handle the dizzying array of digital control systems anyway. The Republicans praise climate change deniers, the intelligent design front, religious based schooling at public expense and law schools that graduate the likes of Michelle Bachman. They want to make English the exclusive language of this nation, and Christianity the state religion. This week Kansas and Arizona proposed a two class voting system. The premium tier allows you to vote in all elections, the lesser level just federal elections. Voter suppression, maybe?

We currently have a Speaker of the House about to dissolve into tears because Obama will not negotiate the results of the last election with him. Speaker Boehner has, in any case, no clear control over any portion of his party, a substantial plurality of which wants the US to default and Obamacare to fail but the Affordable Care Act is acceptable not realizing they're the same thing. They don't care why, or have much knowledge about economics anyway, but while they cannot even put into sentences any accurate or valid arguments, they know their status is falling and blame that black man in the White House for it.

But that black man is not responsible for the continuing attempts to destroy the public education system in this nation, something conservatives yearn for since it educates the competition for their children's jobs.

And, although our idiot polling systems show the GOP taking it in the groin in public blame for looming debt ceiling votes and government shutdown, the Republicans, who think they're winning, cannot agree on why they pursued the issues in the first place. Speaker Boehner said Tuesday that a "clean" debt ceiling increase, as Democrats want, would amount to "unconditional surrender" for Republicans. True. He wants Obama to renegotiate what Obama won. But Boehner doesn't represent anyone. He fears an open vote in Congress to fund the government because the Democrats and remaining sane Republicans will unite to do so.

See, this is problem solving, at which we know adult Americans are so poor.