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The GOP Festival of Incompetence, Pseudoeconomics, Racism, and Misogyny Brings Down the Curtain on the GOP

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Look, I'm a Democrat, have been since the Nixon years, somewhat liberal and somewhat conservative, in that I want a strong military. I used to be a Republican till the Dixiecrats started their migration, ending the unholy but necessary adhesion FDR had stapled together to get progressive reform with the support of murderous racists, whose political descendents are not now Democrats.

I have fond memories of some honest, good, and highly competent Republicans who abhorred the camera and microphone and viewed public service as an honorable job. There were not many, as with Democrats, and I use Leveret Saltonstall, a Governor and Senator from Massachusetts as the lead example, because he was powerful and nobody outside our state had heard of him unless they served at federal level. He was progressive in some areas, not others, but he worked to govern with Democrats, a necessity in the Bay State and Washington.

So, you don't have to go back to Lincoln to find good people in the Republican Party who served the nation. A very few remain, but out of political cowardice hide, and so lose authority. But you can be forgiven for being unable to imagine it if all know is the selection of prep school Chickenhawks, outright mercantilist economic frauds posing as champions of the mythical Free Market, Cornpone blowhards, outright anarchists, creepy gun fondlers, and pseudo religious misogynists and racists that make up the party today. Worse, far worse, they are as a group and as individuals completely incompetent at the job of governance. Even if you agree with them you can't vote for such showboating ignoramuses who cannot run their own party, much less the government, much less the nation.

Obama was criticized as unable to govern because of being a community organizer. Forgetting his surge through academic high ground and being a Senator, it turns out that Republicans ought to serve as community organizers, because that's pretty much a handy talent when trying to get your own community - say, Congress - to vote for your own bills, or at least not publicly shred them. Yet, that is exactly what the GOP has done increasingly through the Obama years, culminating this week with the Wall St. Journal's editorial page - ranking somewhere between Ayn Rand and King Midas politically - and their former presidential candidate Senator John McClain directly and indirectly calling the party incompetent, stupid, a bunch of losers and hacks.

They say this because we're about to go broke. The United States of America - broke - because they won't raise the debt limit to pay for what we've already spent. The Republicans wanted, we guess, to hold the nation hostage so that they could overturn Obamacare, and do so not because they understand the bill or value the health of our citizens, but because it's Obama's, who is a Democrat. And not coincidently, considering the regional bias of the GOP, black.

The Wall St. Journal, McClain, and increasing numbers of the GOP are correct: their party IS incompetent, whether led by Speaker Skinner and Congressman Milhouse or Ted Cruz. Not a few of us have been saying that for years. It's not just that their professed values are un-American, unsavory, unrealized anywhere in nature, but that they are incompetent in formulating any bill and getting it passed or even to the floor for a vote in a body where they are the majority. The ensuing debates and filibusters prove that half of the Republicans either lie outright or do not understand what they are talking about or what the bill at issue would actually do. That's okay, because they only answer to a very small base of inherited wealth blowhards who support their primary campaigns or at least don't fund a challenger. And so their bills are moronic, misogynistic, and mayhem inducing within the American family. The community organizer settled family business today.

This week, the Republican Party fell apart, and fell apart on the international level so completely it has started a dialogue about whether anyone in the near future would ever trust this political party again, should it ever win a federal election again. It's essentially trying to overturn the election of 2008 by filibuster. It is, as Paul Krugman says, secession by other means, an admission that the Olde South's malodorous values try to rise again.

It's time for us, who love the nation and idea of this nation, to rise as well, and against them.