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Elections, Ethics, and That Damned Race

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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

I've been ignoring the phone again. People can leave messages, but I'm not answering because of the mewling political recorded calls. I hate everyone responsible, including my own party and candidates. This makes me edgy and in a foul mood.

Atop this, it was annoying to hear that Obamacare's computer system has - to this point - been a failure, more embarrassing since they seem to have repeated similar errors the Romney team did with their doomed Orca system, which crashed easily and often on election day. I hear and read it's working and running much better now in some states and that things are looking up and smoothing out. I hope so.

And the public is actually okay with it. Support for the law has either held steady or even risen in polling. If true, it may be that this will be a non-issue. The Republicans are all over it since they got hammered bad in the election last year, a period that looks positively heaven compared to how it looks for them today after the Shutdown. But Obama comes across as a good guy, and people give him slack when things don't always go his way, although they normally do. People know the GOP tried to ruin the credit and word of the United States and don't like that on principle. And the more they learn about the GOP'ers in charge, the less likely it is to change.

John Boehner, GOP Speaker of the House, has been among the weakest Speakers in our history, but he comes across like Tom Reed compared with those about him in House and Senate: Cantor, Cruz, Lee, and others who pander without shame to the racism and wealth alone of Tea Party funders. Boehner said to the president “The implementation of the Medicare plan has been horrendous,” which seems a fair slap at Obama, but Obama isn't dealing with Medicare and the president Boehner was referencing was Dubya's in 2006. The GOP didn't try to shut down the government with a white man in the Oval Office over health care reform then. The GOP has been trying to destroy the New Deal of FDR for eighty years. But Boehner has been, he says, at least trying to negotiate with the President.

One GOP congressman, during recent talks to save the nation and government format, told Obama in a meeting "I cannot even stand to look at you." At least according to Dick Durbin, Senate Majority whip. But, that's all of a piece. The Republicans are the Dixiecrat Southerners who are as racist as of old. They have no common agenda or structure except they are a bunch of third rate white men who don't like the USA having a black president, and they are trying to re-establish the perks of being born male and white in this nation, and reconnect the concept of inherited wealth with virtue.

Here in Boulder the Damned, five spots on the City Council are open, and there are more than five entirely qualified candidates. I wish to only address one, Andy Shoemaker.

Shoemaker was a big proponent of the Pro Bike Race and cochaired the committee that brought the race to Boulder. The Race was fun but a financial disaster, and after three years in existence is struggling financially. It cost Boulder an admitted quarter million dollar loss, but I think it more. It benefited some businesses but it hurt others. The crowds crowed about were largely due to two music festivals. Shoemaker wants it back here. He says he'd resign from the Race committee and recuse himself from any Council vote on it if elected.

But if a charming Xcel executive ran for Council and won, and promised to resign and recuse himself from any vote on municipalization, who would believe him? And of course it's the appearance of conflict of interest that ought to rule, not just the fact of it.

Here is a hypocrisy, because you'd bend ethics on behalf of the Race and not for Xcel. I know you. You would.

I'm now for the city municipalizing electric power and I don't mind the Race so long as it pays for itself or close to it. But the City bent over backwards to tongue bathe the Race which then requested it bend over forwards and sign, as part of the contract Shoemaker constructed, that the City not only put up a monument to the Race somewhere, but that it say nothing negative about the Race. And the City signed it.

That's not someone with Boulder first in his heart.