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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 01, 2014.

And Happy New Year, 2014, to us all.

First, sorry I missed last week, Christmas Day, where I know after thirty odd years two generations of family gather to hear Dark Cloud's Christmas blessing whenever it falls on the day itself. Hope you've somehow recovered. I know I have.

Today is the first day where we forego the ultimate addict hypocrisy of often pretend medical need. Colorado leads the way, the first place in the nation for a very long time you can buy marijuana legally for recreation, pay taxes on it, and finally apply common sense and rationality to this highly annoying issue. I, near alone now, still think there are health issues not compiled or understood based solely on people I've known who've died of obscure types of cancer and who smoked pot daily their adult lives. But the far worse danger, it hurts to say, is that the degeneration of regard for law and civil authority the stupid pot laws have produced. Good riddance, enjoy, be alert to health issues if any, and stop the bloody doper giggle. Even in memory, it's a long, broken nail down a blackboard.

And, concurrent with the new Affordable Health Act, we can finally admit that pot is addictive, and for proof you only need to review your own set of people who use it daily, would go berserk if deprived, actually cannot function without it, get near violent when considering losing it. A great deal of medicine says it is not addictive, but a great deal of experience says it is, and now at least it can be addressed as it should be, true or not. It's far safer than booze, but there's still too much cherished myth.

To all the kids who in my lifetime had their lives ruined, mostly in Texas but everywhere, by these cruel, excessive, counterproductive laws, and to the taxpayers who funded this stupidity through the years, peace. Move on. It's not fair, it's not remotely fair, but no good money after bad, no more wasted lives held at great expense. I wager police across this state, liberal and not, are glad as hell not to have to subjectively enforce candy ass and stupid law anymore. If they're middle aged, especially, I bet they're glad it's gone, something they would not have predicted when they joined the police.

Here in Boulder the Damned, we observe the one year anniversary of the passive and magnificent bull elk being shot in a residential neighborhood by on duty police officers who conspired to get away with it. An attempt by enthusiasts to get a monument to the elk - and you can tell they wanted a life size statue in bronze if gold was thought too twee - has fizzled out primarily due to a near total lack of support in the Mapleton Hill neighborhood where the shotgun blast welcomed 2013 late at night. I'm not sure such a memorial is all that appropriate or that people from afar should want such planted near someone else's yard for public viewing. In any case, January sees the anticipated two week trial of the former officer who pulled the trigger, and there should be severe penalty.

More recent, we've had a string of armed robberies around Boulder, now thought to be by one person. There have been sufficient videos of the guy, but we're not as cosmopolitan here as you might think, and darker skinned guys - as the suspect is - don't blend into the crowds, especially when college is out. Yet we somehow cannot catch this repeat thief. This isn't cute or amusing, and it's annoying to see it repeated in the same area so often.

Then, today, we have an unrelated letter to the editor saying that all these security cameras around town aren't making us safer, and the fact that they can be seen on the web by the perp as well as the authorities and really are not in real time sort of degrades the value, all wrapped up with the quote about safety and freedom from Ben Franklin. Which isn't, despite all, relevant. People in public have no right to privacy, certainly not at the expense of public safety. In any case, cameras work.

It's bad news for adulterers and drunks and all that, but it really is a case of so much info it's more like documented anonymity. Mostly. Actual privacy violation is rare and a severe violation.

2014 will be the year of utility municipalization, county residents cough up money owed for road rehab, and the last stage of the 2014 Pro Bike Race takes off from Boulder. At that time, a full accounting and financial projection will settle its future. So big year even atop the likelihood of a Bronco Super Bowl. Rest up.