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Losing National Elections? Try This Shocking Weird Trick!

the GOP's fears are now its policy

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

I suppose that you are at least as good on computers as I am, which is low by today's standards, and spend a certain amount on the Internet for news and articles. In so doing you have become acquainted with sundry methods where supposed advertising actually is a front for political misinformation, medical misinformation, and legal misinformation, and by "misinformation" I mean world class, letter sweater level slander and nonsense. You'd surely assume the target demographic is conservative white, elderly, scared, and bitter, folks who don't like change.Since some of the product claims don't rise to the level of moronic no matter how much alcohol you consume, you might conclude low intelligence is a desired feature, but I don't think so. Some of this stuff is so preposterous I cannot believe anyone really thinks it true. I think these are just attempts to give plausible cover stories for bigotry, racism, and greed.

Newsmax is among the worst, as is Taboo la. You run across them most often in the digital editions of newspapers and magazines, in fashions even more sleazy than Face book's. Face book is paid for by selling your private info and advertisements to third parties they pretend are "suggested posts", although who suggested them for you is a mystery. God, I hate Facebook.

In the digital newspaper you'll find a heading called something like "From Around the Internet" suggesting totally innocent and objective aggregations of fact and interest. Link titles in two columns are close to these:"Power Companies Hate This Colorado Mom For Her Weird Trick To Save Millions on Your Power Bill", "Favorite Spaghetti Recipes from Italian Chef Buffy Spogano", "Baby Otters at Play with Kittens", "Celebrity Weight Loss Diets For Your 2014 Bikini Beach Body", "They Laughed At This Man's Deciphered Bible Code for Wealth and Riches","Adorable Child And Her Stuffed Giraffe Doll", and "Will This Mark the End of Obama? Most Shocking Scandal Since the Clinton Administration." The photos for the last are of Obama smiling or his wife seemingly glowering at a white woman sitting next to her.

First, recall that conservatives are scared of women having equal power and terrified of sex, so to them the worst thing to emerge from the White House was Clinton's trouser snake in the hands of Monica Lew in ski. President Bush fabricating reasons to go to war in Iraq and failing to get Osama Bin Laden at Tora Bora in the same room is simply not as big a crime as a Democrat enjoying sex in his office. Or anyone enjoying sex.Ewwww.

The Obama scandal promised is never specified, even though this has been going on for months. Rush Limbaugh this week came out publicly wishing he had info that Obama had been unfaithful to his wife, which I think pretty much sets in concrete where the mental worlds of our Third Rate White Men who compose the Republican Party are located. Because blacks are supposed to be so sexually fixated on white women and inherently dangerous, it makes sense to them that Obama has some dark scandal somewhere. But after six years in the national cross hairs, nobody has found a shred of evidence nor even rumor to build upon. So, they have to fabricate.

What they fear, having bolloxed their time with Obama, is a Hillary Clinton presidency to follow, because her popularity is, somewhat baselessly, huge, and a favorite to win if she runs. So they want to remind their aged base about all the alleged horrors of the Clinton's, and somehow combine a dramatic fear of liberated black men and/or white women in power to quash the Democratic candidate in 2016. Of course, they need a plausible national candidate of their own, but their Tea Party Clown Car hasn't produced any. They thought they had Chris Christie in line for the run, but a recent actual scandal involving the Port Authority and highway closures suggests that may not fly, even though Christie remains popular in New Jersey.

So, it seems that the only justification for implying huge scandal to a President for whom squeaky clean is not an inappropriate description is an attempt to win national elections, and in the past it might have worked with the parade of white men in the Oval Office. But voters today are not scared of sex, or of women. Are mostly women, in fact, with racial divides are not as high or deep.

It's depressing the GOP thinks our nation is as stupid as they are, and would fall for such carnival barker routines.