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The Ukraine Is Beyond Our Ability to Make a Huge Error

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 05, 2014.

America's cult of ignorance has nearly come to fruition: our excellent universities literally have to import many foreign students both for financial support and because our home born are increasingly unqualified. This is partially due to the decades where the more Leftist elements had idiotic self-esteem programs and pandered to mediocrity while the more conservative and near fascist groups who want to substitute religion for science and patriarchy for democracy withdrew support for public education. Regardless, it's a safe bet virtually no American today could find the Ukraine on a map, because only about half can find the United States or the Western Hemisphere.

The right wing plantlife in their various blooms are demanding that President Obama, recently called by them a tyrant and dictator, is suddenly a namby pamby Nancy Boy because Vladimir Putin of Russia has invaded the Crimean peninsula, currently owned by the Ukraine, in order, he says, to protect the predominantly Russian population there from the coup leaders who recently overthrew Putin's toady, albeit a democratically elected toady. The Ukraine currently has, aside from its immense fertile lands that made it the breadbasket of Russia and Europe, geographical advantage because it hosts various gas and oil pipelines from Russia to points west, a very valuable commodity.

Nevertheless, Russia's toady was - and the Ukraine in general is - corrupt to the point that Russia, itself a government of open thieves, blanches. Putin, who gave a press conference this week that was both calming and alarming, doesn't seem to be fully on board with his own actions. To a degree, I sort of side with Putin. The Crimea is not historically a part of the Ukraine, which was settled and developed by Gregory Potempkin under Catherine the Great. Much of the Ukraine - which is mostly to the northwest of Crimea - sided with Germany and Hitler during WWII in an attempt to win their independence from the huge Soviet Union. That was not calculated to endear them to Russia, successor to the Soviets.

Of course, the Third Rate White Men, Country Club tough guys, and reactionary twerps that compose our own Republican Party has screamed that all this happened because Obama is weak and is a direct result of Benghazi, where Muslim terrorists killed a US Ambassador, and a real man and a real President would compel the Russians to withdraw. They forget Reagan's attempts to fulfill this constant wet dreams of virtual manhood, where the Great Communicator sent the US Navy to patrol up and down the coast of Lebanon in the 1980's, with real battleships firing huge artillery into the hinterland to do something or other and when 250 Marines were killed in a Lebanon barracks, the Gipper bolted, having achieved absolutely nothing with the display of might and application of incompetence. Grenada beckoned, though. Dubya didn't make the same mistake when Russia invaded Georgia, also formerly part of the Soviet Union and the GOP pretty much let that lie. But they were white and Republican, and Obama is black and a Democrat.

But here's where geography comes in.

The left spent much of the last two decades bewailing the fact the US didn't go into central African Rwanda and save people, or into the Sudan to save people, or into any number of African cesspools of mass murder. It was quite simple, the areas were about at the end of naval air power's reach, and there are no bases in Africa where America could wage a long or short war, which is what it would entail. Even drones have limits, and in any case would have to fly over nations who would not enjoy their presence. That is why we're not at war in the Sudan now nor Rwanda years back. We cannot project sufficient power to those areas and sustain it.

Today, it's the GOP who go so far as to imply that Obama should do something manly. Intellects like Sarah Palin and He-men like Lindsey Graham - everyone's beau ideal of virility - demand that something or other must happen without offering up a clue as to what. But Ukraine itself did not rush to deter this lackadaisical invasion, partially because the invaded Crimea approved and partially because Ukraine's military can't find its car keys.

Senator McCain says we're all Ukranians. If so, half or more of us approve of Russia's move.