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NOW? We Finally Talk About Birth Control NOW?

If liberals get their act together, something constructive can actually arrive out of Hobby Lobby's Hypocritical Morass.

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

So today - intake of breath - the Supremes are sitting in judgment of Hobby Lobby's attempts to get out of mandated contraception that Obamacare forces them to have available in the health insurance offered to their employees because of religious offense. And so, finally, contraception and birth control arrive at the Supreme Court in this century in service to the desires of Third Rate men, mostly white men, that their ability to control the sexual activities of the females in their lives who, empowered by biology, might still be looking for superior mates and fathers to unborn children.

Third Rates intuitively realize that if the children are conceived and born with themselves as the father, guilt and hell can to be useful tools to keep their sweet little honey pies, their beloved, chained at home, and if their wives succumb to biological drive or sexual necessity they can be penalized and humiliated by the institutional application of feigned concern for the fetus. It's not that these male apes are cruel, bullying, thugs actually afraid of competition with other males, especially of other religions, races, and, eh, body types, no, but their deep love of Mother, God, the frailty of women and the children. Always thinking of the children.

As revolting as this is, has been, will ever be, it's the important battle needing to be fought that Roe Vs. Wade was allowed to overshadow. Somehow, abortion - which nobody wanted to be other than rarely necessary - supplanted the debate about birth control, sexual freedom for women and men both, and admission that a sex life is one of God's great gifts, and undesired pregnancy need not be a penalty. Yet, because liberals avoid conflict and conservatives relish the image of successful combat, here we are.

If you actually read the Bible in one of its many translations from languages I think spoken, in aggregate, by about fifteen people today, when Adam makes his first appearance, he is granted at his first breath, the Breath of Life, a living soul. Pretty clear. Slate Magazine's Jamelle Bouie has a highly informative article this week that builds on that fact from the second page of the Bible. It seems that in Exodus 21, verses 22-24, the destruction of a fetus is not a capital offense, is not murder. The Dallas Theological Seminary, for which the term 'conservative' seems too liberal as they are sure of the Bible's perfection, said in 1968 that the fetus is not a soul.

In 1970, at a "...symposium sponsored by Christianity Today and the Christian Medical & Dental Associations...", participants agreed about "the necessity" of abortions and that it was permissible " under certain circumstances,” which were rape and incest. Further, these godless communists of this religious group said, in “A Protestant Affirmation on the Control of Human Reproduction" that “The prevention of conception is not in itself forbidden or sinful providing the reasons for it are in harmony with the total revelation of God for married life." Further these harlots and obvious white Ugandans claimed “method of preventing pregnancy is not so much a religious as a scientific and medical question to be determined in consultation with one’s physician.” Anno 1970.

Anno 1973, the conservative Southern Baptist Convention - and this is before they felt the need to finally condemn slavery in 1995 - agreed with that position. It called for “Southern Baptists to work for legislation that will allow the possibility of abortion under such conditions as rape, incest, clear evidence of severe fetal deformity, and carefully ascertained evidence of the likelihood of damage to the emotional, mental, and physical health of the mother.” Got that? The Southern Baptist Convention approved birth control and abortion in the same sort of cases that liberal atheists have zero problems with today.

What changed the context that once provided the humiliation of our Supreme Court debating these subjects without saying sinful words like IUD or penis or mention that grotesque cavern leading to hell, the vagina, in legal cases concerned with all three? And why when we need to be talking about birth control and women being free like men to mate with whom they choose without risk of pregnancy, we're murdering doctors who perform abortions? If unwanted pregnancies were subtracted from the count of the world's population, what would be the pressures for water, war, and environmental survival today? There wouldn't be any pressure.

But we liberals surrendered to the fears of Third Rate Men and the Women Who Need Them in our own ranks and in conservative that changing any of this undercuts their status. They're right, it does, and good. Men are still the problem. And the health and satisfaction of women, the first currency, are in the hands of Hobby Lobby, and it ain't a metaphor.