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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

We're approaching the entrance to the Silly Season, the summer before a midterm election in November. Normally, this season peaks during August when hot weather editorials run clichéd observations of life that could be written years in advance and sometimes are. But with our increased heat each year as our climate changes and our tolerance for each other diminishes, we face a potentially more hostile world and preparation for discomfort is a necessity.

The coming election is supposed to be, as normal, a refutation of the sitting administration with losses in both houses of Congress. But Obama is different, and it may not go down as hoped. Among other GOP concerns is a new poll showing their candidates aren't doing as well as planned, that Obamacare is increasing in popularity, and that the Tea Party is riven with bitter turf wars.

This week, the NYT and Kaiser Foundation released polling on some Senate races in the South, the Red State heartland of God, Guns, and the GOP, along with institutional misogyny and high porn sales, obesity, and bad schools. It seems the Democrat in Arkansas is up ten points over the Republican, Mitch McConnell barely leads the Democrat by one point in Kentucky, and North Carolina is a dead tie between the hypothetical candidates of the major parties. In Louisiana, the Democrat is way above the Republican. This is early, and there are lots of caveats, but the feeling had been that Obamacare was such a horror that it would be the club to bash the president and his party. It isn't going that way.

The temper tantrums by the nation's Third Rate White Men continues, and is supported by the Fox Network in hopes that the feds will over-react again and provide martyrs for the loony right cause, as at Ruby Ridge and Waco. In Nevada, a cattle rancher who'd been grazing his cattle herd on federal lands actually tried to use women and children as cover when the feds came to remove his animals. He claimed his rights predated the Bureau of Land Management and its regulations, that his family had been there forever, which sounds just like Native American talking points, except here "forever" was dated to 1948, well after the BLM came into being and, in any case, doesn't speak to his armed resistance against the law.

The blowhard criminal in Nevada named Cliven Bundy was addressed last week, but is still getting lots of airtime on Fox and has national attention up to ennui status. It was an insult to Texas, which has for most of our history been the nurturing nursery and foremost repository of blustering criminal blowhards. Governor Rick Perry, who may yet try again to run for the presidency, probably didn't have to go far to find his own Cliven Bundy in hopes of piling on. In fact, it was the Texan Attorney General who is going to run for Governor as Perry is term limited. Feigning confusion and hurt that the feds may take 90k acres of land along the Red River under their wing, the AG hopes to link his case with the Bundy's.

The Texan AG says “Private landowners in Texas have owned, maintained and cultivated this land for generations." That is sorta true, except they never owned it. Still, there is actual if minimal confusion about what 'it' is, since the land has never been surveyed. But that's unlikely to change much, given a 1924 U.S. Supreme Court opinion and subsequent court rulings in the 1980s. But nothing upsets a Texan more than someone, somewhere posturing with a gun and getting press coverage and singing about freedom, a term limited to apply to themselves alone.

If you've been on the Internet, you've been exposed to the screaming ads designed to inflame old and not too bright white folks. A new Obama Law is the worst thing yet, says one, as if the President could just declare a law. A new Obama scandal that will be the worst horror since Bill Clinton says another, in a bid for biddy hysteria over some never actually provided sexual scandal. And, of course, stories about how Michelle Obama is a screaming mad black woman living high on your tax dollars are always good for the ambulatory corpses of the GOP.

Today, on the Capital Steps, they tried to pass off a GOP political operative as a victim of Obamacare, of which there is a statistical zero. And the Democrats have a large lead over the GOP for the Governor's office.

I'm not sure November will be bad for Democrats or Obama. At all.