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mid term elections are now as annoying as the presidential elections

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 21, 2014.

In 2012 before the election, a friend was dying of cancer in California. She'd just gotten divorced in Australia and had asked if she could call, and I'd said sure. She hadn't told me she was dying, so not a big deal to me. September 2012 featured almost constant annoying political phone surveys and pleas for support and I ceased answering the phone. They could leave a message. When I discovered she'd died I worried hers had been a call I didn't answer. I remain furious, mostly out of guilt and because she is gone, but with white hot hatred of how current election procedures corrupts our lives, dumb down issues, and enrich those who plan it that way. And maybe, because of them, I missed an important call.

Less than two years later I'm again inundated with calls from those posing as coldly objective participants of scientific inquiry but really just push pollers not trying to obtain my opinion but to make me absorb their own. My own party and Republican alike. Very few leave messages, meaning they want me to participate in their deliberately awkward question and answer routine they can then interpret. It's an off year election, a mid-term, and this shouldn't be happening. These are supposed to be low turnout, low interest elections. No more.
But at that point I'm caught on my own hypocrisy.

I've complained for years that those who whine no candidates represent their viewpoint and so don't vote for anyone are irresponsible and lazy and simply fearful of the responsibility of governing. The extremes of the Left and Right, whom I reference as the Trotskyites and the Libertarians, really only excel at complaining and fear actual power themselves, because to get anything done you have to compromise and, in you're responsible, continue work to obtain desired goals. That isn't possible with doctrinaire socialists or libertarians, who want the romance of fighting the good fight as they see it and never have to answer enraged former friends for governing. Everyone wants to write the Declarations, few want to write law and accept responsibility for a Constitution to be voted upon.

So it's important that the majority of us fight the long fight and pay attention not just in presidential elections, but all of them, and focus on judges and sharp, charismatic state representatives or those of lesser office who are have the gift of brains and grace under pressure, which is how Hemingway defined courage.

Republicans have found themselves pandering to their idiot right wing composed of simple racists, doctrinaire fools in love with the works of a female novelist, the easy ethics of those television westerns of the 1950's, and the majority of Third Rate White Men who see near all the criteria for measuring success redefined or gone as they enter retirement years. Women are more valuable because the women stayed in school and more of them every years get advanced degrees. The support systems of Unions and social peers has vanished, and white men are now on the same dubious playing field other groups have had to use. That's why the term "change" to them is toxic; they may not have had it all in the past but at least those that did looked like them. Obama changed all that. So, the various entities of the Tea Party - an umbrella term for Ayn Rand fanboys, bigots, and genuine idiots - adhered together because they could formulate a common enemy - the personable, competent, unemotional brick enjoying government lodging in the White House - and they have tried everything to get him to fall apart, as their racist roots insists happens to the inferior man. He hasn't, but many of them have.

After gaining seats in the 2010 midterm election, the GOP has tried to take back the Senate and hopes to get the Oval Office in 2016. They believed their own falsehoods about the Affordable Care Act and are confused and dumbfounded by its apparent success and increasing popularity. From the beginning, people approved of most of the aspects in the Act, but in the same surveys of the sort phoning us now, disapproved of it as a whole. That, thank God, is changing, you'd hope out of a sense of embarrassment for that logic shredder. But, no. So, on to Benghazi and Hillary's brain.