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Competence, Like Honesty, is Beautiful

so Mitch McConnell is Bone Deep Ugly

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Summer's here, the Bolder Boulder is over. Over 55k participated this year. This Race is incredibly well run. Set out and collected with such speed, that atop mere municipal pride in a fun event, it is impressive to view such institutional competence between the Race, the City, and the University. It's rather beautiful.

Elsewhere over Memorial Day weekend, mass shootings and death by firearm incompetence seem to be increasing, but that may be at least partially due to the national media vectored in on things once considered local news. The idiot brigades, mostly composed of morbidly obese bald men with excessive facial hair at a McDonald's with an assault rifle legally on a shoulder and a holster bulging at their belt, have not made us feel safer. That's probably because the mass shooters emerge from them with legal guns.

Again, the NRA was, at one time, set up to improve gun competence and safety. It has devolved to a mere lobby group okay with the mentally disturbed having a gun in public. Or, anyone with a pulse and heartbeat, who get to display a firearm as a sort of bling. Very few are vets, as opposed to the past when a substantial part of the nation in one form or another served in our Armed Forces. Less than 1% today serve, and this during a period we fought two wars, one in Iraq, now over, and in Afghanistan, ongoing but majorly over this year.

Out in western Colorado by Grand Mesa, a huge landslide erased two vehicles and three people within on Sunday. The three were responding to reports that irrigation water had stopped flowing to local ranches. Early reports were excessive, saying an entire ridge two miles wide and 250 feet deep had slid four miles down a valley. Today, it's revealed as only three quarters of a mile wide, three miles long, and depth up to 300 feet in spots but that's not the concern. A huge lake is building up behind the ridge and will certainly force another and bigger slide.

Stan Hilkey, the sheriff of Mesa County, has been media spokesperson throughout and did a great job. He radiated competence, concern, and gave clear information accepted as he said it. He did not throw a saddle over a tragedy as we've seen lots of people do though the years, trying to make it a circus for face time before a camera. That's rare enough it deserves mention and thanks and our regard. He smartly contacted those who had recently suffered a much smaller landslide in Washington state but who had many more deaths and asked if they had insight as to procedures that work and don't.

Meanwhile, those downhill from the slide are preparing to abandon their homes and the town of Collbran itself if the artificial lake forces another and much bigger slide.

As could be predicted, anti-fracking enthusiasts - whom I support - went overboard and tried to connect this disaster with the numerous fracking endeavors about. It was shot down immediately by scientists from the School of Mines. They said it was just a big snow winter combined with lots of Spring rain and snow and extra runoff forced a collapse in Grand Mesa's weak soil. It will be a long time before the area in range of a slide will be remotely safe.

Two examples of reassuring competence are followed by the opposite. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is in a primary runoff to be the GOP candidate from Kentucky. McConnell has been such an incompetent dead weight of late that one of his state's biggest newspapers threw a fit and excoriated their homeboy. McConnell was the one who announced in 2008 the GOP would devote itself to defeating Obama's reelection and doing nothing constructive in protest. When that didn't work, he has tried to destroy, defund, or decimate the Affordable Care Act, and greatly deceived the citizens in his state about the numerous advantages it offered coal miners and laborers and those not Senators.

Obamacare has been revealed to work and to help the vast majority, if subject to much improvement. Mitch is saying we should destroy Obamacare outright but Kentucky should keep a local medical exchange he discovered his voters like. The problem is that it is entirely funded by Obamacare. The Lexington Herald Examiner let him have it and called him on it. They said McConnell is "unconnected to reality..." and that "Kentuckians are waiting to learn if their five-term senator understands —or cares— how much is at stake."

Asking that question rather answers it.