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Cantor gets gobsmacked by the idiot Tea Party, but Virginia is going Blue

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

Eric Cantor, the Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader, is the only congressional leader recalled who lost his seat during a primary election. The seven term Congressman was in line to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House, but after Tuesday night he's political dead meat. Aside from having heavy duty seniority, which was a big deal for his district, Cantor was still moving up in power, and he'd be able to do more than a first termer from either party. That's gone.

Bad news for Cory Gardner's Colorado campaign, and other GOP candidates, as Cantor was a big financial booster. Gardner is up against Senator Mark Udall.

In Cantor's place is an unknown economics professor from Randolph-Macon College named David Brat, a Tea Party member. Despite being outspent by a ton, Brat won handsomely. It was a bizarre contest, with Cantor trying to brand someone clearly to his right as a liberal, a lie. Brat thinks it was his folksy self that did it and of course 'sticking to the issues', but in the examples he provided he lied a lot as well about the inflated big issue: immigration.

Although Obama has increased deportation of illegal immigrants to record monthly levels, Brat and Republicans count on the ignorance of their Fox News aged base to think Obama opened the door to a flood of criminal immigration. The immigration rate has actually slowed under Obama. But facts aren't important to the elderly whites of the south: they just want a plausible reason to hate Obama that can't be credited to their genetic racism. Racism is, in fact, what unites the divergent and mutually antagonistic elements of the GOP these days: social and economic conservatives, supposed libertarians, and the surplus of Third Rate White men who have seen every advantage their fathers enjoyed evaporate. Now, women are a majority of the work force, are better educated, creeping up to pay equality, and more reliable and competent. Of the jobs remaining, many are held by non whites: people of Asian, southern Hispanic, Portuguese, African, and Middle Eastern descent.

The GOP loves the generally falsely presented immigration issue because it allows the stalwarts of Big Capital to pretend to give a rat's bikini tan line about the loss of jobs among white males and so unite with them against Obama and their worst and very possible nightmare: a two term stretch of Hillary Clinton as Commander in Chief. The voters in Cantor's Virginia district probably don't focus on the 1%'s role in sending jobs overseas for cheap labor, or in hiring illegals in this nation en masse for over a century to be migrant workers and kept as migrant workers.

Brat apparently cashed in on the local Republican anger at Cantor, who certainly had all the stigmata of a whining suck-up and who closely resembled what The Simpson's Milhouse Van Houten would look like as an adult. Especially true posed behind Principal Skinner, John Boehner, with shoulders flexed and elbows akimbo. Cantor, in his numerous ricochets of policy positions, had once seemed to favor a form of amnesty for immigrant children like Obama and many civilized folk. This was the pregnant pole vaulter, a deal killer for the GOP in the former capital of the Confederacy. The Tea Party wing of which Brat presents is still having none of that.

Virginia is a state where anyone can vote in a primary, and Democrats organized to defeat Cantor and show how incompetent the GOP was, given they claimed to have tamed the Tea Party. With a less powerful and crazier Congressdrone, they may have made the GOP even dingier for Obama's last two years. Of interest, Brat's opponent Democrat is a fellow professor at the same small college. It's a very red district in a state already purple and increasingly blue, which is the aspect that solidifies the anger of the GOP. This was the only unexpected Tea Party victory, just one district. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell easily defeated their Tea Party opponents in South Carolina - the most conservative state - and Kentucky. But now they're more fearful.

Baselessly thrilled, the Virginia GOP is accelerating their attempt to kill instate Obamacare. After six years of near complete failure in neutering Obama, the GOP's dust bin of failure incites their loony fringe, a culture that for centuries was based upon a theory of racial superiority, now nowhere evident. It's a myth that biodegrades slow under the blood of mass shootings, proud admissions of Neanderthal social views, and a total misreading of the political world.