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Blackwater, Al Qaeda, or the Johanne Marange Apostolic Sect! The Future is Now!

And We Thought The Middle Ages Were Over

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, July 02, 2014.

If you've never heard of the Johanne Marange Apostolic sect, you probably aren't up to date on the doings in Zimbabwe. It's a Christian cult with thousands of members that favors polygamy, and is an obvious cover for men to acquire young women and the power of huge families. One group leader is reputed to have more than 100 wives and several hundred children. The theory is that they are powerful men who will protect the family. If only.

But they cannot, because they are ignorant and really only interested in their own status and self adoration. It seems that a sect that breeds like flies dies in the same way, with children naturally forming the largest number of corpses. The sect's death rate is huge, with children dying daily. One senior sect follower in his early 50s has lost 22 children younger than 12. Some wives die young as well. But this guy has seven surviving wives, and has all his children delivered at home. None of his wives or children will ever visit an available health center. He has asked neighbors "...to help upgrade the 22 graves, which cover close to an acre of land." That's status and his priority. Another man with six wives lost 75 children in the last ten years. In his eyes, he has lost the wealth children provide by marriage benefits and dowry and status. Pity him.

A few members of the cult are annoyed that so many sect members are dying, only because they're tired of burying them. This isn't different from any number of idiot cliques here and around the world. And this is how bovine Christianity, as with any other religion, grows, at least in numbers. Missionaries are delighted that these ignorant but despicable men and their doomed families are Christian, because at least they aren't Muslim. The Muslim Branch of Third Rate Men is now creating an entirely similar society across the Mideast in Iraq, Syria and northern Africa under the guise of an al Qaeda offshoot. Al Qaeda's initial goal was to bring back the Caliphate of the Middle Ages, an era that appeals to Third Rate Men everywhere, whether white, black, yellow, or brown. Third rate men were once born with a certain status, even if only over women. In the modern world, they've lost it.

Here in this country, the Supreme Court just voted to allow religious prejudice as a reason for a corporation, specifically Hobby Lobby, to deny birth control benefits in employee medical plans because it offends the religious beliefs of the stockholders or CEO. Just like St. Simone throwing a fit when nobles were not allowed to wear hats on certain occasions, it's the small losses of status by a thousand cuts that infuriates today's Third Rates and they feel they must contest each little loss. The most basic Power to Third Rates is rule over women, the earliest form of our legal tender, and they are not surrendering that easily.

You may remember Eric Prince, former SEAL and cofounder of Blackwater. Prince continues to try and include his mercenaries as part of the total force available to the United States, even if they have never sworn allegiance to the United States or give much of a damn. He wants that because otherwise the widows of his mercenaries will continue to harass and sue him rather than the federal government for various tragedies. Although they are not called mercenaries, but military contractors, Prince feels that they should be treated the same way.

Prince seemingly wants the US to resemble Europe before the crusades, when groups of sell swords roamed about being a true pain to the kingdoms that suffered them until the Pope, partially to retake Jerusalem from the social climbing Muslims, partially to get them out of Europe, sent them all off to fight in the Holy Land in the First Crusade. He wants us to outsource our military to him and those like him, so that the nation owes him for its protection. Like in the old days. Al Qaeda and Blackwater want the same thing.

All over the world, the unifying element to much that is happening is due to Third Rate males suddenly realizing they have no function in today's society and trying to obtain an artificial status. They are susceptible to anyone who flatters them. It's often religion that does so, that allows them young women. That's why so many seemingly diverse conservative movements focus on the same issues: women and sex under their control, by law or otherwise.