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Adam Kwasman for Congress, Ladies and Gentlemen........

A Liar and Fomenter of Discord and A Danger to Himself and Others

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.

In Oracle, Arizona Tuesday morning, a Republican congressional candidate was delivering a speech to a modest crowd allegedly concerned about illegal immigrant children crossing the border from Mexico. You may have heard people are upset about that issue. Emoting for the ages, he addressed Lady Justice and said - I think he was saying - that neither justice nor compassion are honored by allowing these children, undocumented, into this nation. His name is Adam Kwasman.

While in the middle of his melodramatic nonsense, Kwasman was informed a bus load of children was coming down the road. Wanting a confrontation and media coverage, he went to the bus and looked through the windows where he saw, he said on television, fear on the faces of these poor, immigrant children being bussed about under pressure, we assume, from some dark force or other. The children have to stay in a fearful public shelter, and I can imagine public shelters could indeed be dangerous absent protection for kids. Kwasman uploaded pictures of the bus and tweeted that allowing these kids in wasn't compassion but the "abrogation of the law," a phrase that pleased him and was reused a bit.

In an interview with a TV news reporter from Channel 12, Kwasman repeated his concerns with affected intakes of breath and performance art dear to the politician. Informed the fearful faces were not fearful to anyone but himself, primarily because the kids were happily going to a YMCA camp and had little to do with immigrants, Kwasman tried to say that everyone was scared and therefore..... something. He started another avenue of escape, but his words fizzled out altogether and wisely shut that down and said if he was in error he apologizes for it. But, he had no choice. And, he wasn't in error as much as he deliberately lied. The TV station had video of the kids laughing and taking photos of the media outside the bus, having a good time. He then apparently tried to take down the tweets and mentions on his website, but of course it was already viral. Let it be said, his chances for Congress took a face plant.

The thing is, a bus that could have held migrant children is, in his mind and many conservatives', a perfectly viable illustrative example of an actual immigrant bus which, it turns out, was not running that day. They would use it as a set prop and see nothing wrong with it. That it was a lie devoted to angering the ignorant and riling people up was, in fact, the only actual danger to these kids absent federal protection. Kwasman by lying provides his own abrogation of justice and public safety.

What these kids and their parents are running from is the drug war fought in their country largely because of the addictions in our own. There are generic economic concerns that they can make more money here in the States, but if Mexico were a more stable nation with police you could generally trust and politicians who generally meant to better their lives, they'd have more consistent investment and development and jobs. At that point, I doubt many at all would choose to leave their homeland.

Today, Mexico's border states are largely run by drug cartels, periodically ousted by the Army or police or militia, who then move back in for an unending cycle of violence. It's a sadistic violence of beheadings and torture and obvious terrorism.

> I do not understand all the conflicts there, but unlike most of you I've spent time in the justice system with not a few then recent immigrants and worked with them in benthic level jobs, employment they and I had to take to survive. Aside from the usual percentage of idiots, many of them in my experience - primarily women - were hard workers, competent, cheerful, and entirely pleasant folks to be around. They were hungry for education, security, and good times with family. I hope most of them got it, because they deserved it. Had I kids, I'd want them in school with theirs, because they'd know how to spell, with clear handwriting, and their homework would be done well and on time or mom would not be pleased.

Even though few of us would have fallen literally for idiots like Kwasman's fibs, it provides a cover and excuse for naked prejudice and Arizona might have elected him for granting them that. That he thought he could get away with it, that nobody else would look inside the bus, is revelatory about the GOP.