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or is it just igniting the reptile portion of the brain?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, September 03, 2014.

The recent movie called The Counselor featured an impressive cast, a great screenplay, and top end direction. It was something of a bomb, though, and there has been quiet discussion as to why. It also featured one of the most grotesque murders ever seen on screen, and that by a device that will keep you up at night.

The device is a small, geared box running on battery power that contracts a metal noose at a pace slow enough to qualify as torture but fast enough to keep the victim's attention focused. It cannot be stopped once dropped around a neck and tightened. The wire is special alloy both strong and not susceptible to any heat or destruction likely to be available and applied in the short amount of time left. It slices through skin, throat, jugular and carotid and continues till the head is severed from the body. Takes about a minute. Brad Pitt's character meets his end this way, and this is shown in detail. It is grotesque, as is its intent, and my first concern at movie's end was: did such devices exist, and if so, who has them? Apparently, they don't exist. Or, perhaps, they do, but like nuclear and chemical weapons the fear of retaliation keeps them under lock and key. I admit, I started thinking that such a decapitation device employed on camera around the neck of a hostage victim and put on YouTube would be a short span of unforgettable horror, made worse if the victim had his hands and legs free and could see and yell as Pitt's character was allowed. Briefly and bloodily.

But would it be worse than what has been up on YouTube this week? People still get upset over what used to be called dum-dum bullets, soft lead that went in with a small hole and left an exit wound inches in diameter. Turns out high velocity bullets do the same thing or worse, as the first Kennedy assassination proved. The macho losers of Islam, masked in cowardice, allegedly beheaded with a mere sharp knife two captured journalists on camera. With that, they dramatically informed the world that these were messages to America. I haven't seen these videos, but I am embarrassed to admit that were they easy to find, I'd watch, at least once. I don't have a reason for that which would excuse me, but there is an attraction of sorts. Seeing people actually face their death and deal with it is a staple of literature and art and bad movies as well as in the Counselor.

President Obama said the USA would not be intimidated by these decapitations. They are, after all, performed by pathetic thugs trying to pose as men, or at least human, and failing, hiding behind masks, holding weapons they may not know how to use, hovering over terrified victims reading nonsense admitting to supposed crimes they obviously did not commit but now would pay a penalty of association. At least one of the journalists killed, Steven Joel Sotloff, was Jewish, a plus to the Islamic State organization responsible. The previous victim, James Foley, had been a well known reporter on the Syrian uprising and other Middle East events, while Sotloff arrived later. Foley was captured two years back, Sotloff in 2013. There are over 20 Middle East journalists who have vanished in recent years and may all be in terrorist control.

Due to facial recognition software and highly enthused people vectored in on the murderer, England says they think they know who he is, that he lived in England for a while, and when they are sure they'll release his name. Any relatives he has at access to mobs might be concerned, but as with all these things it is only about himself and his relationship to fame, and mention in Allah's daily jihad dispatches from the front. Relatives are disposable wastage to the virile men of jihad, who hide among them after actions and hope the west or Israel will kill them and the arguably innocent in retaliation.

It's worth noting that Al Qaeda's Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who trail-blazed these grotesque events when he beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl a decade back, has been in US custody for a while. I admit that, in theory, I'd enjoy watch him panic as that hideous movie device would be tightened and ignited around his neck, already too tight to get over his head, and watch the fear and panic and pain in his eyes as the wire contracts.