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Ethnic Competitive Genocides and Self Pity; Kurdish Edition

save US, oh Lord! Free US! Fuck the others........

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 01, 2014.

As the world grimaces and honors the dead of the Great War, old arguments about its cause and ending and actual point are renewed. But with clearer heads and near all documentation open to the public, a general consensus has emerged and is taught much the same in all nations. This is progress, but slow.

In Boulder Monday last, a much smaller ceremony concerning accuracy in history transpired. It seems that in the first Gulf War in 1991, Kurdish rebels in Iraq fighting Saddam Hussein obtained a cache of documents from Iraqi secret police. These documents purportedly are clear evidence, says the Boulder Daily Camera, of Saddam's sadistic war against the Kurds, called genocidal, "describing torture, disappearances and the use of chemical weapons" against the Kurdish people. Five million documents on a computer disk have been housed in Boulder since that year.

"There will be only a future for societies and countries if the societies come to terms with their own history, and reconcile their past," said a member of the Kurdish delegation. Coincidentally, the delegation mentioned that the Islamic State, the terror group de jour, is destroying Kurdish territory in northern Iraq. Yet Kurds, we are told, control their semiautonomous area defended by a Kurdish military force known as the peshmerga. These militiamen were among those who panicked and fled before the Islamic State forces, dooming Iraq and Syria to another era of rule by religious fanatics absent action by the West, which may only delay the inevitable. Yet, since the bombing started, the IS is retreating as Iraq and Kurdish forces gird their loins with air support press them.

The situation in Syria is simply too convoluted, as government forces, whom we oppose, are faced with numerous rebel units, near all of whom hate each other, and of which IS is just one. Or two. Everything sucks in Syria.

Kurdistan, a notional geographic entity with not much external support, hopefully includes part of Turkey and part of Syria, this depending upon whose map you gaze upon. Kurds desperately want their own nation, but unsurprisingly Turkey doesn't want to grant them any of their land, nor does Iraq, nor does Syria, even though the portions claimed are jam packed with Kurds. So, on the surface, it would seem the Kurds are deserving of regard and hope and maybe pressure for their own homeland, ruled by Kurds.

With that in mind, let us revisit that Kumbaya phrase utilized by the Kurdish delegation: "There will be only a future for societies and countries if the societies come to terms with their own history, and reconcile their past." That seems to drip with Mandela's brush, calling for confessions and forgiveness and moving on. Mature and responsible.

But, one of the results of the Great War, entirely unintended, was the first of the modern near genocides, and this of the Armenians, another ethnic group jammed into the area between the Near and Middle East. Primarily Orthodox Christian, something beloved by all orthodox Muslims and the Thugs Who Love Them, the Armenians were then also rather fond of getting a homeland for much the same reason the Kurds were, inspiring a focused response by the Turks bordering on genocide in the actual sense and comfortably residing within its metaphorical and hyperbolic concepts. I prefer mass murder and Grand Theft Land, but whatever.

Still, as they arose from the Ottoman yoke and perfume show, the Turks utilized Kurds in the various slaughters against the Armenians, and the Kurds are not recalled having huge objections. Just one of the many delightful aspects of that section of the world.

So, I wonder how hard the Kurds are working to admit they participated in what many people, and certainly the Armenians, consider genocide. The sad and awful thing is that near everyone over there has a history of mutual slaughter for the vengeful joy of it, and they'll all have to shut up, admit it, glower at each other, and eventually move forward. Not everyone will get a homeland politically separate from any other, but they certainly could have peaceful and prosperous enclaves if there was commitment to it. But until the Kurds, among all the others, want to own up to their own transgressions and not just amass evidence of the transgressions against themselves, I'm going to refrain from tearful applause.

As St. Patrick is the first to note slavery is bad whomever the slave, whomever the slaver, we all with the Kurds and Turks need to admit that History demands everyone come clean, and that no crime justifies another.