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Under The Blood Moon

In Heroes of the Second Amendment, Today...........................

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 08, 2014.

Under a Blood Moon, the mind provides odd memories. Remember that fat idiot a few years back who went to Afghanistan to look for and shoot Osama Bin Laden? He wanted to be a hero and this was his chosen method. Of course, he was in no shape to do anything remotely like this, but he later claimed he had driven bin Laden to cower in Pakistan where the SEALS could get him. Right. He faded in the media much like the Human Shields did after they ran from the likelihood of being killed, unloved by either side. And good.

But then, a whole bunch of comparable idiots were in the media in the last year. Posing as heroic defenders of both the 2nd Amendment and the numerous assaults on our borders by people not white, probably Muslim, carrying disease and bombs, these still often obese chowderheads posed smiling for any camera to show their devotion to what little they understood of constitutional law or much else whether waddling at the Mexican border or in supermarkets.

There are those of us horrified by the knowledge that such pudgy incompetents with serious self image issues are not only allowed to own guns but own assault rifles. Worse, in many jurisdictions they are allowed to carry them in public, and the internet has provided many photos of such benthics fully armed in the fat boy ensembles that they can fit in to. One of the first things noted is how unhandy an AR-15 in a shoulder strap could be were the owners confronted with a guy pointing a pistol, and this assumes the owner of the AR-15 actually knows what he's doing anyway. Such an assumption lacks turgor.

In Gresham , Oregon last Saturday, a man who'd bought a pistol the day before was walking with his cousin openly and legally displaying his new toy. A man walked up, asked for a cigarette, chatted, then displayed and pointed his own pistol and relieved the new owner of his purchase. Here, the personal weapon was not only completely unable to prevent a crime, but was the instigator. Oddly, the NRA hasn't been demanding the libtard media to cover this story. Easy to see why.

A stupid, uncoordinated, insecure, and often obese male is probably going to get his clock cleaned in any confrontation no matter the weapon he carries. Recall the pathetic dolts recently posing in super markets and retail stores with their assault rifles on the shoulder as if they did not look like what they actually were: absolutely the very last people who should be allowed to own anything more dangerous than a pencil. The Oregon story provides an image of these gems being shot by someone pulling their own firearm, a mere pistol, out of a pocket, rather slowly elevating the barrel and shooting rifle bearers in the head sequentially around the store. If these dolts got any rapid fire shots off themselves, would most likely kill innocents as it's hard to point any rifle at an attacker standing next to you.

The political base of the conservatives and Republicans are aged, physically decayed white men sensitive to the reality and hating all reminders of it. With women holding more than half the jobs anyway, and what used to be called ethnics holding a significant number of those remaining, these Third Rate white try to reduce all threats to their self image and the myths they insist is history by uniting under clear racism, something many did not exhibit in their younger years, but it's the lowest common denominator the political right can unite under, rich or poor, olde money or new, pro NAFTA or anti NAFTA, pro undocumented workers or anti, lower blue collar or white collar with a top hat.

A non-airborne virus, Ebola, has made appearances here and in Europe, although each case was responsibly quarantined and handled. It comes from western and central Africa where, you may have heard, black people live. President Obama is black. So, in the run up to off year elections we are hearing all sorts of political ads to remind you of this important fact and that many Democrats running for office have not covered themselves in garlic nor carried a piece of the True Cross before them when in sight of Obama, almost as if they liked him.

Never fear, though. Our militia of incompetent weapon bearers will protect you from Ebola, just as they did from al Qaeda and ISIS.