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Election 2014!!!

maybe you've heard?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

But, I be recording this on Tuesday, the 14th. It was so nice today - one of those beautiful days without a cloud and Colorado's sky did look like a pearl and unblemished vision up and down the front range - and I had to spend too much time indoors. It looked to be even nicer Wednesday, so I'm cheating and hoping nothing newsworthy happens Wednesday morn, when I'd normally do this. I'll be enjoying the day.

But, while I am doing this Tuesday evening, it's because I'm so steamed about the degenerate level of political campaigning that I just need a break away from the media, all of it.

The new Pope had the gall to suggest that homosexuals were not vermin and had many gifts the church ought to use, and if you forget any possible play on words there in reference to the horror of the church's priests and nuns in the recent centuries and extensive abuse of those available to them, it had the ring of sincere change from the Argentinian Pope Francis. As an atheist, I don't care, but if Francis puts the church more in line with the American Catholics, both hemispheres, he'll have improved his church immensely. He isn't moving slow, and he's been a genial man swinging the bureaucratic club in the Curia, and it's difficult not to like him. A lot.

Even the Republican Party has conceded same sex marriage here, and that and the Pope's changes infuriated morbidly obese moron Mike Huckabee, who is again inflicting the possibility of another presidential run upon us. He demanded that the GOP grow a spine and not give in to either the Pope or the polls showing that Americans as a group are in favor of treating gays as actual citizens and not damned by Bell, Book, and Candle over issues Jesus never seemed to care about. That institutional Christianity is showing signs of actually being more Christian in view is not insignificant. That the GOP is going along not for any good reasons except election votes provides a less elevated view of the issue.

Oh, also, a Huckabee son was fired from being a camp counselor for hanging a dog to death. The Huckabee Christian values.

Our two major political races for Senator and Governor here in Colorado illustrated many of the same petulant and revolting characteristics within the GOP as Huckabee does. Former Congressman Corey Gardner has lied by both commission and omission about various Personhood amendments so that in two televised debates in the Senate race it began to look and sound like one of Christopher Guest's movies. Asked to answer 'yes' or 'no' to several questions, Gardner refused, tried to change the subject, fooled nobody, and then flailed about for the duration. Senator Mark Udall, not the most vicious of debaters, didn't have to do much to win by a mile. Gardner looked and sounded pathetically untruthful and incompetent.

The Denver Post, which is for sale, shockingly endorsed Gardner, and virtually nobody thinks it was more than trying to stroke both parties as they came out for Democrat John Hickenlooper over the GOP's bank buddy and inept politician Bob Beauprez. This about two weeks after the Post's News Editor, speaking to a conservative group, announced his own preference for the conservative view in politics. Could there be a connection?

Beauprez, who when running for office last time became the unanimous winner of Worst Political Campaign in recent memory, hasn't improved any, and kept trying to blame the Governor for releasing a prisoner who subsequently killed Hickenlooper's friend and prison director, as if Hickenlooper was a participant. Beauprez was booed on air by the crowd. He's a disaster of a candidate, and can win only if the Hispanic population doesn't cast a single vote, so beloved is Beauprez in that demographic.

Contrary to what is said, the GOP is only selling Reagan's fictional past, where white men voted, women were at home, ethnics weren't seen much competing for the same jobs. They vote against anything that reminds them of that past, and for anyone who nods sympathetically in this unfair world, since women are over half our work force with formerly called ethnic groups earning their own way in. It's been a sudden realization that their mythological delusions based on Ayn Rand - who laughed at their idiot religions - and their skinflint bigotry has most damaged themselves, and not just the nation, and left us with their unemployable progeny.