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Think it's ugly now? Wait, especially if the GOP doesn't win more seats

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

There's an election on Tuesday in Boulder as everywhere, and not enough Republicans to be election judges. A list of 95 Republicans was provided by the GOP, but only five accepted the role. The GOP is claiming that Democrats are posing as Republicans and so the election is fixed. This all emerged at a rally for Republican Senatorial candidate Corey Gardner in Boulder last night, and about 120 people showed up. Granted, Boulder is pretty much home turf for Gardner's opponent, Senator Mark Udall, and Boulder has long been a liberal Democratic stronghold, but the expected small turnout for Gardner melds nicely with the fact there are few Republicans about in Boulder County and those that exist couldn't be bothered.

Nonetheless the GOP County Chairwoman, Ellyn Hilliard, made the accusation that those fake Republican election judges are how Democrats supposedly steal elections. And granted, a Deputy to current Secretary of State Scott Gessler confirmed that state election officials visited the Boulder clerk's office and found some troubling inconsistencies with some election judges. Gessler is a Republican who has tried to scam voters to cover his political travels that aren't part of his job, and the guy who has made numerous absurd accusations about voter fraud and never found any. Gessler's dubious legalities and clear partisan motivations are among the reasons he doesn't dare run again.

Wayne Williams, the GOP Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County, is campaigning to replace Gessler. Now, all mail in ballots must be signed by the voter to make them valid in Colorado, which is then covered by the envelope flap. But to save money, Williams' county doesn't provide that minimal amount of paper on the envelope to cover the signature. So now, anyone can see the signature and check to see party affiliation that voter holds and whatever happens, happens. That's an open invitation to voter fraud right there.

In the sixties during the pinnacle of the Civil Rights movement, Democrats got nailed justifiably as Limousine Liberals, rich enough to afford that mode of transport and to adopt minority group children to be raised by the help but never leaving them alone at home because minority kids will steal, as everyone in their lunch crowd knew. Restrained enlightenment or grotesque hypocrisy? Gee, hard to say, but as Nixon flensed out the Dixiecrats to the Republican banner, the issues became clearer.

Still, Republicans are late to that transition in world view, and while they sorta kinda court minorities they don't really trust them and hope to limit their votes because the ethnics aren't primarily white and have the gall to think their citizenship as valuable as a Republican white, Protestant, male. One of the problems in Colorado is that they still think and act as if Hispanics are a minority, when they're a major plurality if not a majority in much of Colorado and the southwest in general. A congressional race south of Boulder is about to feature the first political debate in Spanish between Mike Coffman and Andrew Romanoff, which should be a bigger deal that the media has allowed.

During the most recent Bush administration, the hubbub about voter fraud began and has become a supposed 'fact' to the doddering Boomer generation and any remnants of the Greatest above them. It isn't true. Detailed investigations into more than a decade of elections provided exactly 86 cases of voter fraud, a statistical zero. But the one unifying factor to the various bitter, resentful, and uninformed GOP is stone cold racism, made easier with a black President. They have to believe that all blacks, Hispanics, and other groups cheat on elections. How else could they win? After all, Republicans don't know anyone who doesn't vote the same as they do.

The election, insofar as polls go, will be close, although the usual pollsters who only call land lines and not cell phones and whose results always change dramatically in the week before an election, don't really hold much water anymore. It will also be ugly, as I sense Republicans don't really believe they can win without removing tons of lower income voters, and they seem to be on it nationally. Colorado's biggest newspaper, the Denver Post, has divided their tongue bath between Hickenlooper, a Democrat and sitting Governor, and Corey Gardner, the GOP Senate candidate who has been caught lying by reporters and at televised debates. I have nothing good to say about Gardner, and feel him undeserving of support from the Hygiene Auto Shopper, much less the Post. So, Tuesday is going to be interesting.