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The GOP Lynching Reins Up

Again: the secret of Obama's success is an inferior opponent

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 03, 2014.

Just a few weeks back, a resounding GOP series of victories portended huge changes to come when they took office. So elated are the conservatives, that George Will - that thin-lipped comb over with the mouthful of alum, joined what apparently was hoped as a lynch mob to bring down President Obama. Obama, according to Will, is vain, the vainest President since Wilson exactly a century back. Wilson, a Democrat when the Dixiecrats hosted that element, got rid of all non-white staff in the White House when he arrived, about the only relevance I can see. Presidents tend not to be shrinking violets, but what vanity Obama may have is of the sort the Republicans abhor in their opponents. Not only is he black, he kicks their ass in clever ways that makes them look stupid, bigoted, and selfish to even their own party.

How does he do it? He hands them an open mike, access to their computers, and lets them explain themselves. Never forget: the secret of success is a lousy opponent.

The GOP announced that they were going to impeach the President, sue him, censor him, and bring down Obamacare. They simply couldn't wait for January when they take office. But even the party blowhards like Steve King and Jeff Sessions have talked that down as polls, history, and fact elbowed their way to the front. But at least they could shut down the government, a device they've successfully implemented before, followed by a ten percent drop in their popularity almost immediately.

Emperor Obama, as Speaker Boehner calls him, did little but arch an eyebrow in wonderment the GOP would wound itself again. As of now, a severely reduced bill is in the works by the GOP which may still be upped to shutdown level, but it seems the base isn't enthused. After all, the DOW Jones, six years ago predicted to never see 9000 again, is today near 18k. Of course, the same hucksters who sold gold now sell penny stocks as they prey upon the idiot elderly are back.

This particular enthusiasm was prompted by Obama's executive actions announced last week which shield some five million undocumented immigrants from deportation and allows them temporarily work in the country. In addition, he expanded "...an existing program to avoid targeting certain young people, and create a new program to relieve undocumented parents of Americans of deportation fears..." Obama pointed out that he's dealing with a reality, since mass deportation would be too expensive and those they deport are those who pay taxes.

In an case, the action is temporary, and allows only, says Talking Points Memo , that ".....undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents temporarily live and work in the country, as long as they've resided here for at least 5 years and can show that their child was born before the date of Obama's announcement." The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has also been expanded. Again, this is temporary.

Boehner says "This is a serious breach of our Constitution, it's a serious threat to our system of governing." After quotes from St. Ronald were found that almost exactly support such a move, along with the fondness the GOP has for executive action if the President in Republican - and, eh, white - the objections seem to shrink. Of course, the GOP fear is that the nitwit Tea Party members will force this on them, the Congress, and the public because they love melodrama and really think the public isn't brighter than they. Dealing with immigration issues saves money, but the GOP is heavily influenced by racial concerns, and whether black or brown their base wants the numbers in those hues reduced.

But they still had Benghazi to club the President, although a bipartisan party report pulled the rug out from that and produced proof and evidence that it was far from approaching a scandal. The government - including both the State Department and CIA - had acted appropriately and well. The Tea Party sees cover up.

Then, Ferguson brought out all the bubbling racism and sadism never far beneath the Republican epidermis, with party KKK references for laughs in Twitter and Facebook and racist taunts everywhere. They see Obama as an evil witch doctor somehow by satanic means, foiling their mostly idiotic goals.

But the GOP fails more than Obama wins. It's hypocritical, and certain the nation shares their racist views which activates on dog whistle. Last week proves it beyond rebuttal.