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New Year!

Much excitement ahead

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

So, Happy New Year one and all!

Forgiveness is asked for those of you listening on stations not named KGNU because when we went to a spanking new server we had issues and didn't get the info out in time and you may have missed the commentary which no doubt would have gotten me a Pulitzer or Peabody or something. So, if you've returned, "Thank you!" and if not you're not here why am I talking to you?

It's been 20 degrees below zero hereabouts since Christmas, which I call 'bracing' and those from Buffalo, New York call Tuesday. Unlike Buffalo, we have no humidity to speak of so it doesn't feel as cold as a wet forty knot wind after a refreshing trip across Lake Erie, but still.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, an individual dressed in full body armor fired a pistol at a stop sign in a suburban neighborhood and then drove around firing a gun out the window at cars and people. The individual led police on a chase, and when cornered pointed a weapon at them. The individual was taken into custody without injury, and is being charged with three counts of attempted first degree murder, seven counts of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, felony evading arrest, and felony reckless endangerment. Of course, this was a blond woman. If it had been a black woman, things may have gone worse for her. If it were a black man, nobody can visualize him surviving, much less being taken into custody without injury. That's the issue underlying the recent 'can't breathe' protests. A blond woman was given every break in the world, and black people are given few if any. It's not syllogistic, but close enough to illuminate the issue of actual racial prejudice.

And, this happened at a bad time for the GOP, which is - as ever - trying to flense a distinction between the actions of its elected officials and racism. This week, Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise admitted he spoke at a white supremacist gathering in 2002. He's also a bud of former Grand Kleagle or whatever of the KKK, David Duke. Speaker John Boehner supports Scalise. Understandable error and all that, given the organization to which Scalise spoke was called the National Organization for European-American Rights. Who would have suspected a racial tint there? This has prompted Sean Hannity, of all people, to call for Boehner to step down. Hannity's choice for a replacement is the Chair of the House select committee on Benghazi, a favorite Hannity topic not dimmed by recent bipartisan conclusions there was no scandal there.

So, looking bad for the GOP after Obama got over 300 positions filled, including judges and the Surgeon General, due to Republican senatorial incompetence. The economy is pretty much through the roof, scary in fact, but there seems to be solid support beneath, so the economy isn't a negative anymore. The Cuba initiative has received huge support, oil prices plummet, Putin is in bad shape after the GOP tried to use him as their model of an effective national leader in comparison to Obama. The Keystone Pipeline looks ridiculous: not only dangerous but not needed.

And the New York Times wants our own war criminals tried and convicted. There is open admission that members of the Bush administration would be arrested if they traveled to certain first world nations. That's not a new concept but certainly a new and more powerful enthusiasm. These are major changes afoot. And they're mostly due to the internet and social media, a permanent thumb on the world's pulse, and mostly the young.

North Korea, a murderous, sadistic bowel movement of fake communism, may have had its face slapped. After supposed attempts to hack western sites and close them down, their own state internet was downed, quickly and rapidly. Hard to tell if any of this is true, coincidental, or important, but anything that could reduce their morbidly obese genetic leader over the edge in public is a great thing. So long as their fingers are not on any nuclear button, that is. They're reduced to calling Obama a monkey, like the racists here.

So 2015, even without the buildup to another bloody election cycle, is going to be of huge interest. I watch with regressive childish wonder what is being done with 3d printing by civilians every day. Prosthetic limbs for vets and for pets, art, instant repair with exact replicas of engines and devices. Locally, Google, big time, is in Boulder. Issues, but it's exciting as hell.

Happy New Year.