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Blood in Paris

Terrorism Returns

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 07, 2015.

So, today in Paris, at least twelve people were killed by Kalashnikov at a satirical newspaper called Charlie Hebdo. As many as four terrorists, screaming Allah Akbar, participated in the attack. The last person shot and maybe killed was a uniformed cop who had his hands up. Wounded, he fell to the ground, and the courageous heroes ran over and shot him on the sidewalk, caught on video. The cop was there because the newspaper has been under police protection since 2012, after being firebombed in 2011, and it ran cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed just this week.

France, where Voltaire is ever a major hero, is not charmed, and we can expect some huge police and military operations to smash any covert groups of which it is aware, and use this as the excuse to do what not only the far right, insane Catholic elements want, but a vast majority of French as well. This is what distinguishes the West from all religious fools and thugs pretending they do God's work.

The fools fear laughter at their own expense, and will kill to silence it. It worked once in Holland a decade or more back, but I don't think Europe or the US or the world in general is going to take any more of this crap.

In New York City, the problem of police unions is illustrated once again. You recall two police were murdered recently? Well, one of them shot an innocent just coming down the stairs a few weeks previous for no known reason. For six and one half minutes after the shooting, neither officer called it in as required. And there is a story, which the Union is fighting to keep quiet and which may not be true, that the cop who fired immediately called his union rep, who wasn't available. In any case, the two had been told by their superiors not to do any "verticals" that day. "Vertical" designating interior staircase patrol.

It seems having your hands raised in surrender doesn't work for police in France any more than it worked for at least one black citizen in the US dealing with its own police. New York police have always been borderline, anyway. Today, for example, the NYPD is in slowdown mode to show disrespect for the Mayor, who has failed to bow to them as the defacto rulers of Gotham. The city is having a snowy time and police are needed, but it looks like they won't be as available. This is not like extortion, it is extortion, and while I understand that it has been an effective union tactic for over a century, it is simply not appropriate for peace officers or firemen.

Also? Last I heard, police and fire had not solved the many communication issues that resulted in so many deaths during 9-11. The firemen and rescue units carrying their ridiculously heavy equipment up 90 floors did so pointlessly and many did not receive the warnings to get out before the World Trade Center collapsed. That is criminal negligence. And given that Islamic terror groups might be on the rise and energetic, if Paris is an indication, New Yorkers ought to be furious at the ego driven, pettiness of its police and fire departments. And worry about their ability to adapt to new terror threats and incidents. Of the many memories we have of 9-11, don't forget Rudy Guiliani on Saturday Night Live with police and firemen in uniform behind him elbowing each other for position. That was pathetic.

In Washington, with the GOP now in control of both House and Senate, Speaker John Boehner has faced down those who wanted him replaced because he wasn't conservative enough. The Speaker removed Tea Party members and other pains from all important committees, which he should have done four years back. Better late than never. But in so doing he has ensured he'll have to fight procedural battles within his own caucus before it even comes to a chamber vote. Good. The reaction from the far right is best exemplified by Congressman Ted Yoho, of Florida, who has been a leading political hemorrhoid and constant critic of Boehner. Yoho announced what Boehner has done is the sort of thing "Vladimir Putin would do," adding, "Hey, welcome to the new USSR."

That idiocy resonates favorably in the aged Tea Party and Fox News audience. All he cares about.