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French Muslims are Charley as well

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

Just this week I watched on YouTube a cop buying a pistol in Las Vegas at a gun store. Handed the weapon by a clerk, he then cocked it and shot off his index finger. A loaded gun. Yes, the cop should have checked, but a loaded pistol handed to a customer without checking is probably viewed as a major no-no by even the most ardent gun fanatic. The bullet nearly hit customers down the aisle, as well. But, only a slightly shortened finger till the lawsuits begin.

Not as bad as the toddler who killed a parent while fondling a pistol. Or the other toddlers who somehow get hold of firearms and shoot someone, perhaps themselves, or a sibling, or a total innocent one apartment over. Seems like an awful lot of these of late. I can only hope that if someone is going to be maimed or killed, it will be the idiot adult responsible for a three year old finding a loaded gun unattended, but it rarely works out like that, does it?

A policeman in Billings, Montana, shot and killed a man in a car whom he thought was reaching for a gun from his belt rather than putting his hands up as ordered. The man was high on amphetamines and died from a lung wound. The cop cried, all recorded by his dashboard camera. He had previously killed another individual that had just been tasered. The investigation in that case proved him justified. This is in Montana, a huge, empty state. What are the chances one cop would be involved in two such incidents so close together? Possible, certainly, and may be just his bad luck, but I contend there is something wrong with the procedures that put police in that shoot or die situation so often. I also understand there aren't a lot of police for backup when needed in a state without a lot of people. Of course, the man killed was Hispanic, the cop white. Race and establishment power structures are often issues in these incidents.

In France, this week, a huge rally in support of the satire magazine Charley Hebnow was held without President Obama, whom you may know is half black but is considered all black. Along with her European allies, the rally featured reps from some of the world's most repressive governments, not excluding the Arab world, where a woman has been sentenced to one thousand lashes for writing stuff considered offensive to Mohammed, who is not God, and therefore Islam in general and Allah in particular by the insane logic of sexually frustrated olde men in white sheets.

Republicans here were terribly upset that Obama himself didn't go to Paris to lend support to a cause those same Republicans do not actually support. They're perfectly willing to inflict death or pain on muckrakers who expose more than, say, the former Democratic Virginia state legislator who employed and seduced an underage woman and was just re-elected from his jail cell. That's okay, but nothing against the GOP. So, the Republicans think they have a winning issue with Obama not going to Paris. The infinite ways such a visit for security reasons would be huge pain for everyone, and a taxpayer expense, normally incite the GOP to condemn any travel by Obama. Canting hypocrites is a kind designation for such.

France was so upset the President didn't visit and shut down airports and highways they've increased their presence in the multi-nation force under US command in the Middle East. They've allocated an aircraft carrier to increase their participation in the various missions against various terrorists in west Asia and northern Africa. I seriously doubt the French, government or people, were upset in not being shouldered aside by the presence of a US President as they themselves united and came to terms with militant and feudal Islam. France, home to the Philosophes and the Enlightenment and therefore the intellectual birthing ground of the US, doesn't need us to know what's important. There were a lot of French Muslims with a lot of "I Am Charley" signs convincingly participating with their faces uncovered in the crowds. That increases their risk, and is courageous. This is a good thing. They are as French now as the Sire De Coucy.

Even though the French have a lot of legal gun owners, there has been shockingly little violence against innocent Muslims, and very few incidents of incompetence with firearms displayed during this French national moment. We can still learn from France.