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ISIS as Pro Israel Vehicle

Ah, religion!

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.

This week, three Muslims in North Carolina - a male doctoral student at the UNC school of dentistry and two young sisters attending a smaller college - were shot to death by a pudgy, balding white man with the standard goatee in his mid 40's for no known reason. Police have no clues and the man will be brought to the bench today for arraignment. It's possible it was jealousy over one of the women, but more likely, to me, is the supposition he was an unaccomplished nonentity with nothing in his future to look forward to and killing Muslims in our supposedly Christian South was thought nothing more than social climbing. He would not be entirely wrong.

My experience, not extensive, with Muslims in the US is that they participate in the rituals of family and people but many drink alcohol, eat pork, and date women for the reasons and tastes they share with other American males. The women they date look like any other American female, and so do their own sisters, with few wearing the ridiculous clothing demands of the Middle East's more misogynistic clerics. They might when the grandparents visit, but otherwise, no. They are religious in the secular sense of participation. Although Americans say they are religious and primarily Christian, they somehow rarely attend church.

I worked a lot of benthic level jobs here in Boulder when I was in the Justice System, and therefore worked with a lot of Hispanics, a notable percentage of whom were probably not legal. The women impressed me most, wanting a life not devoted to tons of kids. They were not interested in bringing what they left here. It may be childish of me, but I suspect that applies to near all immigrants, Muslims included. What's the point, otherwise?

This week also saw ISIS kill their fourth American hostage. This was Kayla Mueller, age 26, who'd been working in Palestinian villages, which required working with Palestinian groups. There had been several attempts to rescue her. Apparently, she'd been given to an ISIS fighter as a bride once captured. One rescue attempt involved building on her perceived status and sent a man pretending to be her husband to get her. But Mueller denied she was married as she didn't know it was a rescue mission, and so that failed as well.

You'd think the conservatives would be furious at ISIS for killing a young white woman. But remember, the GOP has asked Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress to help get him re-elected in Israel. Of course, the GOP bungled it and Netanyahu may have to back out. Fox News and remora went to work. Obama is presented as anti-Semitic by Dana Perino, and a charming conservative blogger, Debbie Schlussel, wrote: "No tears for the newly-departed Kayla Mueller." She was, the covering headline clarified, "....a Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch."

"Mueller was a ...anti-Israel piece of crap who worked with HAMAS and helped Palestinians harass Israeli soldiers and block them from doing their job of keeping Islamic terrorists out of Israel," Schlussel said. This, because Mueller worked for the International Solidarity Movement, a title that admittedly reeks of 1930- era Stalinist - and 1985 Boulder - flavors. The conservative Gateway Pundit said "Mueller protested the Jews," describing the ISM as anti-Semitic, opposing the Israeli occupation, and "pro-terrorist." Equating Israel with all Jews rarely survives a brief glimpse at the televised Knesset.

There has always been more than a whiff of anti-Semitism in American left wing populism, and I cannot say the conveniently German-named Mueller was not anti-Semitic. I do know you tend to develop affection for those you work and live with. But I refuse to equate being against the Israeli occupation as being anti-Semitic. For substance, I direct you back to those highly entertaining Knesset slam fests, and you need not speak Hebrew to enjoy it.

The upcoming Israeli election is a referendum on Netanyahu's policies. Israel's electorate, unsurprisingly, has diverse opinions. If Mueller were anti-Semitic for opposing the occupation, she had many Israeli and Jewish allies around the world. And it takes liquor and brain lesions to ignore the fact that if she hated Israel so much, why would ISIS kill her? By the stupid logic afoot, we'd have to conclude they're pro Israel.

Oh, and the three dead students in North Carolina? Let's pretend they were a threat to this nation, skillfully slain by a definitive loser. The horror of a Muslim dentist holding a drill is too terrifying.