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Netanyahu and GOP conspire to bring on the End Times........idiots

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 04, 2015.

One of the things that was annoying about Romney in 2012 hovered around conflicting superficial concepts and definition of manhood. The Republicans tried to present Romney as the epitome of the virile white male. Romney has hairy arms, and whenever possible the sleeves were rolled up and the foliage visible. Clearly, a GOP focus group decided to accentuate the secondary sexual characteristics of the Republican challenger. It fit in with the long time Republican attempt to present as a party composed entirely of strong fathers and husbands with movie star good looks. Responsible, strong, and sexy. They hoped.

Obama is devoid of such hirsute characteristics, and he walks with the a roll in the shoulders accentuated by head nods that look sort of effeminate and sort of like the performances on screen of punk and small time drug dealers, at least to many whites. It's also common to many athletes, black and white, so those younger than the FoxNews ambulatory dead would not see it as an issue, nor draw the same conclusions from something so superficial. But, Romney lost the election and so what?

Well, yesterday the arrogant Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, pointlessly addressed the US Congress, where his perceived he-man toughness about the Iranian nuclear threat thrilled GOP members of Congress, and possible presidential timber like Mike Huckabee, who gave standing ovations for trivial remarks. Again, it was performance art designed to denigrate Obama and fluff the Republicans, or at least their decaying philosophy. Given the terrible week the GOP had, being totally hammered by their own stupidity over funding Homeland Security, they needed to have a good show. Netanyahu gave his boilerplate speech which denigrated the talks between the US and Iran to forestall military action and prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

The GOP tongue bathed Netanyahu, proclaiming him strong and honest and forthright, the sort of man they wished was in the White House rather than the thin, eloquent, and unflappable Obama. They attempted to resurrect the Virility issue that they cannot release from their mind. They wheel out Adolf Hitler as the lineal ancestor of everyone they disagree with, and they wheeled out Winston Churchill as Netanyahu's forebear, which is amusing. Obama became Neville Chamberlain in this syllogism. Netanyahu standing solid against evil, Obama willing to compromise and cower.

It's fiction. From the start, Obama hasn't hesitated to use force against proclaimed enemies. He promised to get bin Laden, and he did. Unlike Bush, who made sure his Arabian family friends were safe after 9-11, and then hesitating to attack Bora Bora where, we now know, bin Laden was at the time, Obama has been relentless in keeping restrained targeted violence upon terrorism's various incarnations. Mostly by drones, and while innocents in number have surely been killed, so have most of the targets.

Netanyahu, a combat vet whose brother was killed leading the Entebbe Raid, was once a colleague of Mitt Romney in the Boston Consulting Group. Although born to a secular family, Netanyahu was a fan of the late Menachem Schneerson, a beloved rabbi honored highly in the US for his advocacy of public education, and who helped establish a Secretary of Education at Cabinet level. Schneerson was so powerful within the Jewish community Israeli politicians had to visit him. Some considered him the Messiah, despite his own disclaimer. It would be amusing to hear Schneerson's opinion of today's Netanyahu, who recently declared he spoke for all Jews. Netanyahu and his tough talk reminds me of Reheboam, rich in folly.

We know Christian fanatics hope for the End Time, and are working to incite it, including breeding a red calf in Nebraska for sacrifice. It doesn't cheer to know that the Islamic State, ISIS, also thinks Armageddon is near, and works for its occurrence not at Megiddo as the Bible says, but at Dabiq, in Syria, as Islam stated. Dabiq plays a big role in the ISIS beheading video narrations, assuring the world that the new crusaders of the West, simply referenced as Rome, would be destroyed there, and the new Caliph of the Muslim world would emerge victorious. ISIS has declared a new Caliph. If Schneerson or anyone else becomes an acknowledged Messiah in Israel, elements in all three monotheistic religions might be claiming the end times for all sorts of mutually exclusive and convenient secular reasons, and make it so.

It's irritating to see our Congress and the GOP advance this moronic agenda, and just because they continually appear the lesser men against Obama.