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The GOP's Latest Fiascos

Not good for the supposed defenders of patriotism

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

The University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is no more. That august group, captured on video singing a racist ditty aboard an airplane, resulted in the fraternity being tossed off campus and the two ringleaders expelled. This was set in motion within hours of the soon viral video hitting the airwaves. A prominent football recruit backed out of his agreement, scaring the nationally prestigious football team to all dress in black and walk in racial solidarity, demonstrating something or other.

Inevitably, an apology was issued by the two leaders of the incident, both implausibly claiming they were not racists and regretting singing the song and encouraging others to sing it. They did not apologize for being racists, the necessary recipe ingredient that would permit them to do what they did. Instead they mention supposed threats they and their family have received. In the age of Caller ID, this doesn't elicit much sympathy, but they have to stick to their script: blacks are barbaric and vengeful, not really Christian, and they would attack old women and young babies if they could get away with it. The expelled young men weren't addressing the public, per se, just their bigoted section of it. The parents issued their own apology along with the same garnishments. Yeah, we're sorry. Wink. Nudge.

This, atop the revelation that Ferguson, Missouri was even worse than feared. A federal investigation showed that the police aided the City budget by a form of racial extortion. Arresting and ticketing blacks for a nonexistent crime, over penalizing them with heavy fines, if they mouthed off, they did some time. Win Win, if you're a racist jerk. So damning was the evidence, absolutely no public defense of note has made its way into the media. In any case, the media has other issues. The Netanyahu boilerplate speech, of course. Then, 47 Senate Republicans tried to open up a negotiation link with Iran by signed letter, not to accomplish anything in the national interest but merely to insure that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't either. It's as racist as anything in Ferguson, as the soft accents of its perpetrators suggested it might be.

The New York Post, of all media, called out the GOP for blatant treason, a charge too far except in judging intent. They would clearly do much to endanger this nation rather than allow Obama to do anything good and get credit for it. They already have done much damage. Shutting down the government or just threatening to close it does not resonate well in the world of international finance, where our currency is the world's economic base and the value of which is based solely on our word that we are worth it, and will pay our debts. China, Russia and ISIS operate based upon the dollar's value and its legendary constancy of primary status. But, the GOP views it as a chew toy to pull apart.

Congressman Peter King of New York, who is fanatically anti-Muslim and not, in any way, a pal of Obama, was somewhat less than charmed by these maneuvers of his fraternal fellows in the Senate. He said that two front running contenders to replace Obama - Ted Cruz and Rand Paul - would be terrible. "We need responsible adults. We need people who realize we’re in a dangerous world" King said in a speech before the International Association of Firefighters. He also lambasted the way the federal government is viewed by the likes of Cruz and Paul, who always praise agencies like Firefighters and then threaten not to support them in the budget and shut down the government. Further, King doesn't like his fellow congressmen who refused to support federal disaster aid to states in need after our increasingly huge storms. King, to his credit, knows who the children are.

It isn't going well for Netanyahu in Israel, either. His own former and highly regarded Mossad chief called him a liar about Iran. Ever since his speech before Congress, his polls have sunk, not what was hoped. According to the Jewish Daily Forward, Netanyahu's party Likud's strongest districts have shown signs of disgust with him and a reluctance to vote this week. Like the 47 Senators, the frat boys, and others, Netanyahu just assumed America thinks Obama is intrinsically inferior at base because he's black and would gravitate to a strong white man. His real problem is Obama is palpably superior, and everyone, even the 47 Senators, know and just resent it.