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Cruzing with Ted

Ted Cruze, Black Lie, Catholics

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Ted Cruz, the Tea Party anointed Texas Senator, is running for President. He does so during his first term, and he hopes the fact that Barack Obama did the same thing will excuse his own, far less reasonable ambition. He further hopes his Latino heritage will help him with that quickly growing segment of the electorate, and that he won't go completely bald like his father before the election a year from November. He's well on his way, though, as his suspiciously dark remaining hair accentuates the bright white scalp.

One major difference is that while people who know Cruz say he is very smart and ambitious, just like Obama, they also with near 100% conformity say he is an ass and unlikable. Obama, a borderline actual liberal, taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago, not a playpen of huggy bear liberalism and rather the opposite. People there, however, were consistently approving of his teaching and while not totally on board with a number of his issues, all praised his willingness to chat about them and find common ground, if any. Even Senators today on the far right express fondness for the President and like him as a person. Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo did a survey of Princeton and Harvard classmates of Cruz, and nobody seems to have liked the guy, ever.

Cruz has father issues, which reminds me a great deal of Mel Gibson, who in his early and current life also has a powerful father with reactionary Catholic beliefs and bigotries. Gibson's meltdowns in public and private with anti-Semitic tirades and his family value hypocrisies did not, to me, convict him totally. It struck me he has come to internally disagree with his father but views that, somehow, as his own betrayal and a sin, and this conflict forces him to double down in agreement in public and screech out the obscenely stupid, offensive, incorrect, and prejudicial. He has chanted that his father has never lied to him, in answer to unasked questions.

Father Gibson is a Holocaust denier and hates everything about the modern Catholic Church since Vatican Two, and has a cult like following for his newsletter composed mostly of nonsense appealing to his prejudices. Either a bag of monumental misinformation or totally insane or both, he makes normal conspiratorial mindset seem mild with his belief that the Jews and Freemasons are in cahoots and ruining everything. When Gibson made The Passion of the Christ, which - although I'm a total atheist - I thought a remarkable film, the antagonism against it was based upon the elder Gibson's tirades rather than the son's actual movie.

Father Cruz is more or less the same along with being an Obama Birther and racist and is convinced that anything the black president touches is at the behest of Muslims somewhere. He's an Evangelical minister, a Southern Baptist like his son, but holding the social values of far right Catholics.

There are six Roman Catholic conservatives on the Supreme Court, and Ted Cruz is as reactionary as any of them. Because of the Tea Party in Congress, if Cruz were elected one can easily imagine the Black Lie of Prostestant England in homeland and colonies might become fact. The United States might be betrayed by loyalties held by those in government to interests secular and religious clearly unAmerican. But, instead of the predicted communist or Muslim takeover, it would be by rankly conservative Roman Catholics too far right for even the Vatican and backed by Evangelical Protestants.

Everywhere, the accelerating collapse of the long held rule of local men, mostly white, and in particular those of the mediocre Third Rates, has provided a mass of men desperate for a return to patriarchal dominance and methods of social advance. It's been noted that Muslim militias draw from their ranks of males without upward mobility or access to women and normal sex. It's rarer acknowledge they are routinely opposed by exactly the same strata of male in this nation. Both groups love to pose with military weapons and envision themselves as heroes and martyrs.

Ted Cruz just lost his medical coverage and is now confronting ObamaCare, which nobody thinks the best of all possible healthcare but a million times better than what was previously in place. How he'll pat this into shape will be amusing, much as his explanation for his current preference of Country Music over pop and rock is hysterical. Turns out, it's because of 9-11 and the how the two genres reacted to it. Seriously. Third Rate.