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Bush-Clinton Redux?

I hate either dynasty BUT prefer either to the GOP clown car

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

Hillary Clinton has announced for the presidency, you may have heard, and after the yawns subsided, she puttered off towards Iowa in a van, thus demonstrating the condescending attitude of the ruling class, if you're a Republican and an idiot, or the affinity for the middle class she's always championed, if you're a Democrat and an idiot. Symbolism this blatant and superficial has never really worked for me, and I have difficulty believing many others are emotionally pulled by that sort of thing.

This by no means reduces the chances I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton in a year and a half, because I don't see anyone in the GOP I'd trust with a burnt match, much less political power. The party itself has become so Dixiecrat and racist, a festering klaven of elderly white bigots and reactionary chicken hawks that I cannot view it calmly: it either provokes laughter or furious anger as it tries to limit non white voting, inflict a goober Christianity street gang ethic, and keep us perpetually at war for no clear reason of national benefit.

Secretary Clinton has never emotionally grabbed me. I remain a huge fan of Bill Clinton, and when he summed up the plusses and minuses of Obama's first term at the Democratic convention and just leveled the Romney fiasco, it reinforced my appreciation. For that connection alone I'm aboard, and so Clinton can be consoled she has the sought after Dark Cloud vote, a huge relief. But atop that, there is no denying that many American women in every demographic are so angry at accepted violent male behavior and posturing male frauds in office that near any competent woman is a huge attraction for their vote. Clinton, just because she so infuriates the male establishment and those females who support them, has additional plusses to this voter block of Indies and Democrats.

When President Obama says he thinks she can be a great president, I agree, and this despite a lot of baggage that comes with her from Whitewater to Benghazi, although near all of that is composed of fictions and absurdities: implied scandal that never got a footing.

Obama spent time of late with Raul Castro, leader of Cuba, and the two have pretty much dissolved a lot of the animosity that has existed, and that pointlessly, for many years. There's no denying Fidel became a totalitarian thug and that Cuba most certainly is a depressing example of applied communism in the real world, an example that killed much of its attractions. If it were not in the tropics, life there would have been much worse. But Cuba is just pulsating with young, ambitious, and energetic people ga-ga at the thought of their nation being open again. And American business, always ready to subjugate claimed cherished principles for profit, is salivating as well. After a laundry list of grievances, Castro praised Obama personally and said nice things about the US, which was so unexpected nobody knew how to coherently react. Well, except Obama, who was his normal, gracious, calm self.

Well, one other did. Miami Republican Marco Rubio, a Republican first term Senator of Cuban heritage, suddenly announced he is running in the GOP Presidential primary against Ted Cruz, another first term Senator of Hispanic heritage, and Rand Paul, also a first termer. Rubio clearly wants to ride a wave of Cuban flavor inconveniently generated by the Democrats, but if his mentor and former Florida governor Jeb Bush announces, as some suspect, it will be difficult for him without annoying the GOP's big money.

I rather fear Presidential dynasties, whether Adams, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush, or Clinton by name. And another presidential race between a Bush and Clinton does indeed have the whiff of 1992 all over again. But both are sane, not an adjective to easily apply to Cruz or Paul or whatever absurdity the Left will almost certainly produce against Clinton to represent supposed progressive values, and the Media Matters and MoveOn folks will certainly do this at some point. These febrile feral political children throw tantrums if Democratic candidates don't announce a laundry list of projects of vast variance in importance and fight for them all simultaneously and certain defeat.

So much of what Obama has accomplished for gay rights and Cuban relations and health care and a general elevation of regard for the US came from his wisdom in sometimes allowing things to happen rather than generating opposition. The GOP hasn't learned. Hope the Democrats have.