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On Jenner

So..........what is she?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, June 03, 2015.

Somewhere in the recent past, probably while standing in the checkout line at Safeway, I became aware that Bruce Jenner had married into the Khardashian family and had issues. Jenner was incredibly famous in the 1970's, given he was the reigning Olympic Decathalon champion, an event so demanding it must rank as one of, if not the most, difficult athletic contests. After a while he became a name I did not remember and fell into the "who was the guy..." conversational quirks when the Olympics rolled around every four years, like character actors who appear in every movie but whose name isn't easily recalled.

On day one, you compete in the 100 metres foot race, the long jump, the shot put, the high jump, and glide effortlessly into the 400 metres race to end a bracing day of activity. The second day opens with the 110 metres hurdles, the discus throw, pole vaulting, javelin throw, and a 1500 metre race to get the blood going. That's all.

The first American to win it was Jim Thorpe, who won both the Pentathalon and the Decatholon in 1912, the first year of those events and the last year for Thorpe at an Olympics. Reading about Thorpe is like reading about Superman, sometimes. The King of Sweden supposedly called him the world's greatest athlete, hard to argue, and the winner of the event to this day is given that title. There was no Decathalon for women until 2001. So, here we go.....

Bruce Jenner, at age 65, has just appeared on Vanity Fair's cover as a woman. He'd apparently been taking female hormones and adjusting himself to the chosen gender for a while now. It's considered polite to reference individuals by the gender role they choose, so having taken the name Kaitlen, Bruce is now a she. Fine. But she concurrently announced she has not changed genitalia and does not lust for men. She has a bosum and she shaves his legs, and if I'd seen her photo on the magazine cover without any knowledge before hand, I'd have thought it was of an attractive older woman, but I prefer Kate Upton.

I'm not observant, though. I was also flummoxed by a movie called The Crying Game decades past where the audience was surprised that an attractive female lead was a male. Indeed, irrefutably so as full frontal nudity can present a convincing case for the audience. Been told since that you could have told by her wrists. Didn't know that.

So, since little has changed physically, was it a woman that won the men's Decatholon in 1976? Further, is Jenner actually a woman, or is she just dressing as and playing the role of a female?

Let me admit that in my youth, I'd have made fun of Jenner and gays and every gender variation between male and female. I'd have scoffed at the scientific presentations that provide support from the animal world that this is not entirely a human issue, rather that sexual attraction is a half empty liquor bottle throughout all living forms. It's taken me a while, a long while, to shape up. I've sorta been in show business, and you cannot do so without dealing with people who are openly gay, not a big deal now but certainly was awkward in the 1960's when first encountered. The years inform that everybody had always dealt with gays all their lives, but often never knew it. That the only thing at issue has been not letting them be openly so, as was their right. After all the centuries of violent prejudice against gays, now things are changing for the good, and hourly, and few outside of Westboro Baptist really give a damn.

But, Jenner isn't gay, she says. Strictly speaking, if any sexual desire lurks within still, she's a lesbian, as she lusts for women, or did, and now says 'asexual' would be more accurate. Fine. But........it's still odd, to me. Cannot help it.

We now know that women, as they age, produce more male hormones and men produce more female hormones as the years pass. And there has been a theory that strict sexual distinctions in species is not the overall norm, and that those who are emotionally bisexual or physically so may not be aberrations, but the norm in chemical life, and offer an antidote for overpopulation, like rabbits reabsorbing their young.

And you wonder how many alpha males like Jenner actually aren't, and how many females like Upton........no, not going there. Check her wrists.